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365 days ago we were in South Africa.

Is it just me or have you also noticed that the days are flying by? How can it be March already? If it’s March, it means a whole year has passed since Mr F and I went to South Africa. … Continue reading

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nine Museum Musings: including summer weather in January, and more kids with long hair

1. “Why are we spending all this time shopping before we see the museum?” a little boy asked his mom, who ignored the question. 2. “What is this?” a kid asked me holding up a pen. Me: “It’s called a … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: Where’s the restroom? Milan, Halloween, plus a flash mob…

I begin with a few of my Halloween photos … “I’m solly,” he said, “Where is the restaroom pleez?” “Downstairs.” “Ah so,” and he points up ↑ “No! Downstairs,” and I pointed down ↓ “Ah downstairs…” and he pointed down ↓ … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: what the fashionistas are wearing

I was reminded after posting the photos of my young friend Ngozi wearing checks and checks, and Jessica in her beautiful outfit in earlier posts,  that I’ve still got several months worth of  fashionista photos to share with you. I … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: Barbara Streisand came to lunch

I’m getting backlogged again… so many stories, so many people I haven’t told you about. Why do people walk around holding their cell phones? On Sunday, I met a woman who wouldn’t tell me where she was from. * * … Continue reading

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this too is Los Angeles…

Yes I live in Hollywood, and yes Oscar time approaches, but L.A. isn’t just a movie-land. The lives of the rich and famous are but a fraction of what goes on in the city. Grace, a seven-year-old girl from New … Continue reading

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