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Museum Musings: full moon, my portrait and many questions …

  Two Mondays ago Mr F and I joined our friends Edith and Jolly, and about twenty other people, for a “Full Moon hike” in Coldwater Canyon Park (which is on the crest of the hill where Coldwater Canyon meets … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: can we blame the crazy day on the wind? And a chance meeting…

According to Harold Camping’s doomsday prediction the world was going to end with earthquakes, but tornadoes seem to be raining down on the midsection of the United States. Starting last month in Tuscaloosa Alabama, where a tornado with wind speeds … Continue reading

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The world didn’t end …

Our dinner last night was freshly made ceviche (a simple dish in which bite sized pieces of raw fish are marinated in citrus juice) that Mr F bought at a Farmer’s Market on his way home from work.   A good … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: Jacarandas, ‘Intellectual’ kids, and ‘Tinogona’.

 With no fan-fare to announce their arrival, the Jacarandas are once more blooming all over the city. * “We should buy art books so we can look ‘Intellectual‘,”  a girl in 12th-grade said to her giggling friends. * I’m reminded … Continue reading

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Museum Musings…

“I didn’t think I’d enjoy Los Angeles at all,” said Nicole, visiting from Ottawa, with her husband and two daughters. “But I really love it. It’s such a beautiful city.” * “Now that’s a name I’ve never seen before,” said … Continue reading

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This week in Los Angeles…

Jacarandas are blooming now.  They are such beautiful trees, when the flowers fall, the ground becomes a purple carpet. coyotes have attacked pets on a street round the corner from us First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters, Sasha and Malia, … Continue reading

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