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Museum Musings: can we blame the crazy day on the wind? And a chance meeting…

According to Harold Camping’s doomsday prediction the world was going to end with earthquakes, but tornadoes seem to be raining down on the midsection of the United States. Starting last month in Tuscaloosa Alabama, where a tornado with wind speeds … Continue reading

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Museum Musings: what a week this week of 1’s

1.11.2011 at 1.11 but while setting the close-up on my camera, I missed the 11 by seconds… What a week. All I need to say about the mass shooting in Arizona last weekend was expressed so eloquently by President Obama … Continue reading

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a wake up call for all of us…

Tyler Clementi  (AFP/Getty Images) On September 22nd, after being outed as being gay on the internet by his university roommate, 18-year old Tyler Clementi killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. And what’s even more horrifying, he was the 4th gay teenage … Continue reading

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Betty’s 365 days…

I want to tell you about a remarkable American woman – Betty Londergan.  She always wanted to do “some good in the world”, and inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, came up with an idea to honor her parents by giving … Continue reading

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