a walk in my neighborhood

Condition your body to get up every day and go for a walk.

Before I walked on the Camino I learned to make walking my state of being, something I integrated into my life, not an exercise or a chore that had to be done.

We have to drive when we go hiking, I don’t have to use my car for my daily walk.

Even though I live in a car crazy Los Angeles, it’s very easy for me to take a walk that leaves me feeling as though I’ve been on a meditation retreat by simply stepping out my front door, turning left and walking for about four miles.


Can you do that in your city?


Mr F and MontyCarlo

Put on your walking shoes and come join me…


roses and palm trees

Bougainvilleas bloom year-round…


DSCN2341 DSCN2282

The trees are still full of citrus fruit – lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins.Β  Yesterday I picked grapefruits off the tree in my friend Helen’s garden that are enormous, each one the size of a melon.



Β walk my neighborhood
blossoms bulbs citrus greet me
spring kisses my heart


A few of my favorite gardens…

and the trees

As this is Hollywood, there are always interesting cars like this one parked outside the houses

This post was inspired by WordPress Photo Challenge this week: my neighborhood

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We think we need so much, when all we really need is time to breathe. Come walk with me, put one foot in front of the other, and get to know yourself. Please click the link to my blog - below - and leave me a comment. I love visitors.
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94 Responses to a walk in my neighborhood

  1. lexiesnana says:

    This was so wonderful for me.I live in Michigan but my daughter Bethany is stationed in Lemore so it was fun to see what she sees when she is not deployed.Thank you for a wonderful post.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Lexiesnana,
      I’m glad I could share some of my sunshine with you over there in Michigan. I’ve never heard of Lemoore and had to look it up: its in the Central Valley 200 km north of L.A. Has your daughter been stationed there for a while?
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. MaanKind says:

    LOVELY! We we fortunate enought to visit Los Angeles last year and I was pleasantly surprised! We never see this side of the city in articles or on TV

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    What a beautiful neighborhood. Bougainvillea blooms all year in Brisbane too, the climate must be similar. We could do with some warm sunshine here in Bagni di Lucca right now.

    • dearrosie says:

      We have a Mediterranean climate with rain in winter. When does it rain in Brisbane?
      I loved your photos of the fog in Bagni di Lucca but I’m sure it must be damp and cold …

  4. Beautiful trees and flowers. I only see snow now πŸ™‚

  5. restlessjo says:

    Nice neighbourhood! I can and do walk most days, but a warm coat is needed.

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m grateful to live in a part of the world where I don’t need warm coats or worry about slipping on the ice. Do you have a nice neighborhood walk?
      Thanks Jo.

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  7. sybil says:

    I think walking is an easier habit in your neighbourhood. So darn lovely and no ice to slip on.

    • dearrosie says:

      It is a lot easier to walk in my neighborhood there’s no ice to slip on and no sidewalks to shovel… I hope my post warmed you a bit. I don’t want to make you feel awful.

  8. Beautiful neighbourhood! Thank you for the refreshing walk!

  9. Corilee says:

    Angus loves the doorless british taxi, thanks for sharing!

    • dearrosie says:

      Hey Angus I’m so glad to hear you liked seeing the photo of the British Taxi. I nearly left it out and then at the last minute I must have heard the little voice saying “put it in for Angus” πŸ˜€
      Do you like sports cars? A couple of our neighbors race Porches – they each have at least four of them in their driveways. I’ll share photos of those cars next time.

  10. Your statement and credo: “I learned to make walking my state of being” resonates with me a million percent. It is the simplest of things, but so much can go on internally because of this simple act. Healing, creating, working through, resolving, observing – I could go on.

    I love your neck of the woods. During the time when it was a possibility that I would relocate there, one of the things that troubled me most was the car culture – I have been mostly carless in my life. But I was actually quite blown away by and reminded that L.A. has community and walkable, experienceable life in it. So your photos make me feel nostalgic about my time there – that is something I never expected I would say πŸ˜‰

    Your posts are so human.

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m also sorry you didn’t relocate here Tara. I’d love to meet you πŸ™‚
      People don’t realize that LA has many vibrant communities and walking neighborhoods.

      They’ve been widening the 405 freeway for a couple of years now which has made the commute to work a nightmare, so on my days off I resent having to use the car. I love being able to leave my car keys on the hook and simply walk out my door to do my errands, or take my long favorite walk …

      I’m sorry you didn’t share photos of your neighborhood Tara. I enjoy everything you share. What’s happening with the construction sites next door?

      • I would love to meet you too!

        Here, construction-wise, things are intense and non-stop as usual. We just had this freak windstorm in the middle of the night that was mildly scary, and the construction didn’t even stop for THAT. I just don’t understand the urgency that exists in China. Everyday, I’m reminded of a hamster running like hell in its wheel – going nowhere. That is China to me.

      • dearrosie says:

        It does sound as though China’s a “hamster running like hell in its wheel”. When construction didn’t even stop during the night-time freak wind storm it sounds as though there’s someone on the site whipping the workers if they slack off for a second…

  11. that’s a delightful neighborhood, rosie!

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m so grateful that our last few homes have all been close to great walking neighborhoods. Its important for me to be able to walk without having to drive somewhere

      • for a while in mississippi, i had a 30-minute drive through the rural countryside, and i always enjoyed that drive. the ‘delat’ begain on the north side of the road, and the southern side were the hills. it was a lovely way to start the day and for the end of the day when i drove home from teaching art in town.

        i can picture you happily walking to work and walking home and smiling at everyone, even if they don’t smile back!

      • dearrosie says:

        Unfortunately I can’t walk to work. Even though I’m only about 13 miles from work I have a horrendous commute of an hour or more each way and that’s why I resent having to drive anywhere on my days off.

        Your commute in the rural countryside in Mississippi sounds wonderful.

  12. nrhatch says:

    Walking is the perfect way to slow down and SEE the roses. πŸ˜€

    • dearrosie says:

      Exactly Nancy. Any time I feel blah or down I go for a walk and I always stop and smell the roses – they bloom here about 10 or 11 months of they year.

  13. I enjoyed taking a walk with you, Rosie! I do think that living in such a mild climate it’s really a waste if we don’t get out there and regularly walk and enjoy the beauty. There is so much to enjoy while getting head-clearing exercise. You captured some beautiful color in your photos. πŸ™‚

    • dearrosie says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the walk Debra. L.A. is gifted with a perfect mild climate yet a large percentage of my neighbors wouldn’t dream of walking to the supermarket round the corner.

  14. frizztext says:

    hi Rosie,
    “walking my state of being”
    – an interesting new term for me –
    and you have wonderful blossom trees there to relax!

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  16. Rosie, your neighborhood is so colorful and inviting. Sadly I have to drive every time I want to walk. If I walk directly out my door, I have to walk past a lot of Omani and Pakistani men who gape at you as if you’re some alien from outer space. And make inappropriate comments. I drive a short distance to a walking trail, where I run into other like-minded walkers or runners. But there are certainly no pretty flowers like these along my path. Just rocks. πŸ™‚

  17. Bougainvilleas! I love them, and if I had them in my neighborhood, I’d walk for hours each day. I love your approach to walking – it’s inspirational. If I can get myself in that mode, instead of thinking about the “drudgery of exercise,” I might be 10 pounds lighter. I love all of the citrus fruit at your finger tips! Come to think of it, I’d probably be making limoncello on a regular basis with all of those lemons around, which would negate the 10 pounds. Can I please have the house with the picket fence? Great post, Rosie. Thank you for sharing your beautiful neighborhood!

    • dearrosie says:

      Welcome back AA. Always a pleasure to see you here.
      If you don’t think of walking as a chore but a fun thing to do, I wonder whether you’d find some great walks in your neighborhood.

      You can have the house with the white picket fence. I’ll send it over on a tractor trailer… and in exchange can I have a bottle of your limoncello?
      I don’t think I’d like to have Bougainvilleas growing up the wall of my house because its an open invitation and a perfect pathway to the roof for mice and rats, but they are beautiful to see them in the gardens when I walk by.

      • That’s an aspect of Bougainvilleas that I never considered! Now I’ll wonder what’s crawling around in them when I see them. πŸ˜‰ If AA Hubby and I didn’t drink all of the limoncello, I would happily send you a bottle! Hic.

      • dearrosie says:

        I don’t think many people think about Bougainvilleas becoming a path to the roof when they plant their creeper next to the house.

  18. What a nice walking tour, thank you.

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  20. Beautiful neighborhood. Gardens that inspires others. Walks are even more exciting when we have views like this.

  21. Beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. Just the sight of hills makes it seem cool and refreshing. Is it as cool as it looks?

    • dearrosie says:

      We have perfect temperatures- no matter how hot it gets during the day it’s always cool in the evenings because L.A’s a semi-desert and we’re at the ocean.

  22. Arindam says:

    Beautiful neighborhood Rosie Auntie! Is n’t it wonderful that you have such a beautiful and peaceful place to have a walk every morning. You are a lucky person for sure! πŸ™‚

    • dearrosie says:

      Hello hello Arindam,
      Are you finished your exams? Welcome back to the land of blogs and blogging.
      I am a lucky person to be able to walk down these streets.

  23. Peter S says:

    Beautiful photos, I would not have guessed it was in Los Angeles!

    • dearrosie says:

      LA isn’t just a city of beautiful people its also a beautiful city. I should have run a competition and given a prize to the person who guessed correctly.

      Gosh there’s a lot of snow in your part of the world. I love your photo of the shadows of the trees in the park.

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  25. Thanks for the neighborhood tour!

  26. I can smell the air, Rosie!

    I want to start running, but don’t know how to.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Priya
      On my walk today I smelled freesias and jasmine… ((sigh)) so beautiful… I’m sure jasmine grows in India, no?

      You should look for a shop that sells tennis rackets, bicycles and running shoes … A friend of mine decided she wanted to run a marathon and did all her training by running with a group at a nearby sports shop. She has since run about a dozen marathons.

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  28. Yours is a beautiful neighbourhood, Rosie.
    Even if I can manage this everyday, it won’t be for the pretty view. It would be a different story if I was living in Lutyen’s Delhi. Condition your body to get up every day and go for a walk. I like the way you put it. My routine doesn’t keep up, maybe because I feel its an exercise I ‘have’ to do. Do you do a brisk or leisurely walk?

  29. Enjoyed the walk with you. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  30. Kathy says:

    It was good to walk with you in your neighborhood, Rosie. It looks so colorful and warm and makes me long for spring! I liked reading about your walking being your “state of being”. Sat and meditated upon your words for a while.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hello Kathy,
      I’m glad you could warm yourself walking through my neighborhood. I’m sure spring isn’t too far away now.

      You walk a lot too Kathy. How nice to know that you meditated on my words.
      I’d be delighted to have you join me anytime on my walk.

  31. Your neighborhood looks divine. I especially like the old cars and fruit trees. Nice.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Renee
      I’m glad to know you enjoyed walking with me. Even though I live on the “other side of the tracks” I’m grateful that I don’t have to drive to get to these beautiful gardens.
      A few of the homeowners put out bowls of fruit from their trees on the sidewalk with a sign: “Please help yourself”.

  32. Madhu says:

    Wish I could walk to work. The heat simply melts you even when you are standing still! Thank you for taking us along on your walk πŸ™‚

    • dearrosie says:

      Hello Madhu
      Delighted to take you with me on my walk. Please come again.

      I know that kind of heat – its like that in Miami in the summer. Which city do you live in?

  33. shoreacres says:

    Some of your photos remind me of what our neighborhoods looked like before we went into this drought cycle. Everything still is so mixed up – things that are supposed to be blooming aren’t, and vice-versa.

    I just laughed at all the comments about slipping and falling on ice. I slipped and fell on my way home from work on Thursday – stepping from a dock to the grass, about a two-foot gap. Right into the water I went! Such a shock to suddenly be looking at algae and barnacles! No damage done, but it was a good reminder that even walking can be dangerous!

    • dearrosie says:

      Good gracious Linda I can imagine your shock and surprise when you fell into the water. I’m glad to hear you didn’t hurt yourself. Did anyone help you out?

      Why did I think Texas had received plentiful rains which broke the drought?
      Are things blooming out of season because you haven’t had a cold winter?

  34. Bougainvilleas in bloom year-round! How wonderful that must be! Your haiku is so cheerful and sweet, too. I can almost taste the fruit you described. Sigh… There is something to be said for living in such a warm and colorful climate… Do you walk in the morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day? We’re lucky we can walk out our front door and take a pleasant walk in most of the seasons, but we also have many lovely state parks nearby to drive to for a change of scenery.

    • dearrosie says:

      Ah you noticed my little attempt at a Haiku. Thanks Barbara.
      Yes the bougainvilleas bloom all year-round. I’m grateful and love seeing color in the gardens even in winter.
      Its only in July and August that it gets so hot that we have to walk the dog early in the day. We’ve had “a cold spell” and I’ve been wearing my winter coat all week.

      You live in a beautiful part of the country. I love going for walks with you. Pleased to hear you can also walk out your front door and enjoy a pleasant walk in your neighborhood.

  35. Robin says:

    This was such a lovely walk. Warmth and sunshine and flowers, oh my! (She says on this freezing, snowy day in the Bogs.) The bougainvillea is gorgeous! I’ve been slacking a bit on my walks, but will take a hint from your reminder to condition my body to get up every day and go for a walk. πŸ™‚

    • dearrosie says:

      Delighted to know you enjoyed the warmth and sunshine and flowers of my S. CA neighborhood. You’re always welcome to come thaw out over here Robin.
      Just don’t think of walking as a chore that has to be done, simply remind yourself how much you enjoy it.

  36. bronxboy55 says:

    Rosie, we’ve had four snowstorms in the past seven days, so this post was a welcome escape. “Spring kisses my heart” — I love that line, and can’t wait to experience it, too.

  37. jane tims says:

    Hi Rosie. I think it must be wonderful to reach up and pick a lemon or grapefruit from a tree. I love the photo of the lemons. Jane

    • dearrosie says:

      I hope you get a chance to pick citrus from a tree one of these days Jane. I’m still eating the grapefruits from my friend Helen’s tree. Its wonderful to pick the fruit but what I find even better is the scent of the blossoms- as far as I’m concerned the scent of orange blossoms make a trip here worthwhile. πŸ˜€ I know ee had a large orange tree in the backyard in our previous house….

  38. Dear Rosie,
    So nice to meet you! I feel like I got to go on a walk with you this morning!

  39. Sartenada says:

    Thank You showing Your neighborhood. How fantastic beautiful it is differing so much from that where we live nearly 20 years until last year’s November.

    Ice age ended where I lived. My post, if You do not mind:

    My nearby environment.

    Happy travel and sunny days!

    • dearrosie says:

      Thank you for giving me the link to the post of your neighborhood. Those huge round rocks and the forests of trees are beautiful. You live in a magnificent part of the world, and so different from my urban environment. Do you live on a farm?

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