home = snowshoes or walk on the beach?



Last Saturday night Monty Carlo woke us up at 4 a.m when he heard someone banging on our neighbor’s door.

I heard a man say, “It’s Jason, I’m looking for my wife. Where’s Stephanie?”

I didn’t hear the answer.

Mr F and another neighbor went outside to investigate.  Jason had a  bodybuilder’s physique, and though it was cold he was dressed in red jeans, and a white tank top. In answer to Mr F’s, “Is everything all right?” he said “Everything’s f— fine!” and drove off in a white Lexus SUV.

Who is Jason? I don’t know.

Where is Stephanie? I can’t say.

The house has been locked up and dark since then …

There’s always plenty of drama when you live in Hollywood.



I couldn’t get back to sleep.

While I tossed and turned on my sleepless pillow I remembered that this week’s WordPress Photo challenge is “Home“…

Mr F and Monty

Mr F and MontyCarlo

Inspired by my blogging buddy Barbara Rogers – of By the Sea ‘s – beautiful photos in the post  Blizzard Charlotte ~ 2.8.13 where she took us for a walk in her Connecticut neighborhood buried under 21 inches of snow in last weekend’s blizzard,  I invite you to join me on my walk in Malibu on Saturday February 9, 2013…

Debbie and the dogs at the top of the cliff

Debbie and the dogs at the top of the cliff

On Saturday morning Mr F, our friend Debbie and I had brunch on the patio of a small hotel overlooking the ocean in Malibu, and after our meal – a tasteless spinach, mushroom and sausage omelet with canned mushrooms for goodness sake so you don’t need to feel jealous – we took the dogs for a delicious long walk on the private beach next to the fancy-shmancy houses in Malibu Colony. (Though it’s a gated community they can’t keep us off their beach. 😀 )


As it was a very low tide we saw anemones, star fish, mussels and bright-colored seaweed in the tide pools.

“The mouth, and the anus of the sea anemone is in the middle of the oral disk surrounded by tentacles which are both a defense and a way to capture prey.”


Over the years, when anyone asked me, “Where’s your home?” I’d shrug and say I didn’t know, because I hadn’t felt a strong enough connection to any particular place to honor it by calling it my home.


Its early spring here – the trees are full of blossoms…

During that sleepless night while I savored the memory of our lovely day at the beach,  I felt grateful that we lived in a such a warm, beautiful part of the world close to the ocean with miles of beautiful beaches and hundreds of hiking trails  (all my happy places),  and it slowly dawned on me that I’d begun to think of this crazy city as *h*o*m*e*.


we parked near this tree

We never go to Malibu without stopping at GROM for gelato. We discovered the delicious gelato when we were in Italy three years ago.


gelato at GROM

  • What is your happy place?
  • Is your home near your happy place?
  • Are there hiking trails close to your city?

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59 Responses to home = snowshoes or walk on the beach?

  1. sybil says:

    Lovely walk. Sorry about the canned mushrooms. Yuck.
    Eastern Passage is near so many wonderful trails and beaches and because Nova Scotia is relatively small, I consider the entire province my “back yard” and my home.
    I’d certainly never move back to Ontario. After four years, I feel much more at home here than I did in the previous 55 years in Ontario.

    • dearrosie says:

      Your comment about Nova Scotia feeling like “home” after 4 years is so interesting Sybil. I’ve only been to Halifax once – and that was so many years ago – but I really liked it and after following your blog all these months I know that you have a large choice of trails and beaches, however I don’t think I’d be happy there because its so damp and foggie… I know I know I sound like a princess but I get so cold in the damp 🙂

  2. Val says:

    Love this post, Rosie. Some of it startled me (not least seeing ‘mouth’ and ‘anus’ together in a description of images very suddenly!! 😉

    Where I live is my home. From the moment we saw this place we currently live in, we felt we’d ‘come home’ even though prior to that we’d never seen it before. My previous homes have not felt like home to me, even the house I spend most of my childhood in or the first house that was my own.

    • dearrosie says:

      Isn’t it interesting that the mouth and anus are in the same place? I’m glad you noticed the quote and I think it made you look again?

      I love your “From the moment we saw this place we currently live in, we felt we’d ‘come home’”
      You’ve shared some photos of your home and I think I’d feel the same living with that beautiful view. Why didn’t your childhood house not feel like home? I thought our childhood home would be the picture we carry of what “home” should look like.
      Thanks for your comment Val.

  3. Mahalia says:

    so glad you have found your home! where i live , i can walk to get organic groceries or meet a friend at a lovely cafe, and I can cross country ski on trails right across the street. i can see films from around the world, and dine to match. And we don’t need a car to live well where I live.

    Spring is a distant dream, though, and we do not have star fish and sea anenomes. Pros and cons 🙂

    Next time i will join you for a beach walk. And we will bring a picnic and skip the canned mushrooms (eew!).

    • dearrosie says:

      Yes yes yes I agree with everything you like about your city especially the
      “we don’t need a car to live well where I live.”
      I positively do NOT enjoy my commute to work.
      But I also don’t enjoy the thought of those long winters. My feet and hands were always cold when I walked those streets.

      Does it give you satisfaction knowing that you can eat fresh fiddleheads and I get served canned mushrooms.

      Next time you come I’ll buy a special beach blanket for us to sit on 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m so happy you feel at home in LA — and I have to say that you have opened my eyes to the beauty and NATURAL wonders of that city that I’ve never known as anything but crazy, materialistic smoggy, and laden with beautiful people trying to get famous. I just love your photos of the sea anemones and tide pools!! (wish they were bigger!) xoxoox b

    • dearrosie says:

      hey Betty,
      Thanks for your great comment. If I’ve shown you a side of LA that you never imagined was there, then I can call myself a successful blogger. Woohoo!
      I detest the traffic here – DETEST it – and my commute to work exhausts and irritates and depresses me BUT which large city in this country doesn’t have traffic? (I just wish they’d get off their behinds and build us a bloody subway that goes further east than Universal!!)

      To see a bigger version of any picture just click on it!

  5. Debra Kolkka says:

    I have a Grom when I go to Florence…or Torino, Milan, Mantova, Siena…love it.
    Gorgeous photos of the beach.

  6. larooby says:

    Has ‘Wondering Rose’ wandered enough to answer the question? I wonder if the tidal pull of a grandchild will get you off the beach. It was a perfect day and thanks for the hard work of commemorating it with your lovely pictures.

    • dearrosie says:

      It was a perfectly splendid day! Thank you for your great comment larooby.

      Oy you ask good questions. Has Wondering Rose wandered enough? I don’t think so. If offered the chance to move away from the traffic I’d take it!
      Would a grandchild get me off the beach? I cannot say for sure, but I think it would. 😀
      Am I confused? you bet!

  7. Home is when you are near an ice cream parlour

    • dearrosie says:

      Linda next time you come to visit us I look forward to taking you to GROM. You haven’t eaten ice cream until you’ve tried their gelato. 🙂
      Do you have a good ice cream store near you?

  8. I live in inner city Sydney and I’ve heard Jason’s counterpart in the middle of many nights, and lied awake..
    I love your photos, this post…and would like to know where ‘home’ is for me, but I’m not sure at all…the happy place I have found is not near here though but hey it’s in my head when I’m not there and that’ll have to do for now 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      I’ve never been to Sydney but everyone tells me its so beautiful – and now I know that inner city Sydney has Jason’s banging on doors in the middle of the night I guess I’ll feel right at home there 🙂

      I think you’re going through too many changes right now to find your ‘home’ Anne. Give yourself a few years to relax and not think of it…. I think its very important to know your happy place and be able to go there OFTEN and if its in your head that’s wonderful because you’re meditating and relaxing. I don’t meditate enough!
      We’ve lived in about half a dozen cities and this is the only city where hiking is so close to home.

      Thanks for your comment Anne

      • Thanks so much – that helps…take the pressure off. I had given up on the idea of living anywhere but here when my daughter got sick, but I think I just need some time, deal with this now and that’s enough.

  9. My sense of home is getting ready to change in a radical way! But how fun it would be to live somewhere that would allow me to walk my dogs on the beach!

    • dearrosie says:

      I’ve always wanted to live near the ocean 🙂 Unfortunately not all beaches in Southern California allow dogs to put their paws on their sand!

      Your next move isn’t just a move. Its going to be a *M*O*V*E*. I look forward to discovering your happy places with you when you’re over there.

  10. Linda Shapiro says:

    Love your pictures and your passion for natural beauty. There is a Grom across the road from Columbus Circle – NYC – which I discovered over 2 years ago when my daughter’s family moved there from Boston.

  11. Stunning collection as usual. I’m glad you found inspiration to write (and photograph).
    You inspire me to think that a wanderer can indeed find a place to call home other than a suitcase. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m delighted to be able to inspire you. It’s true that a wanderer can wake up in the middle of the night and realize she’s home.
      I was glad to see you say you’re going to leave your university at the end of the term – with all the nonsense that you’ve had to live with I don’t blame you for not calling it ‘home’. I hope you can find a better place to take your suitcase next semester..
      Thanks so much for your great comment Tara.

  12. E fullstop says:

    Very nice post. Your Hollywood encounter prompts me to share my experience coming home from work tonight.

    I work in a city park that is part of a national recreation area in Los Angeles, located where Beverly Hills and Studio City (a neighborhood in LA City) meet. My coworker and I were walking on the mulched trail up to the parking lot as the sun was setting when we noticed there was a big, fancy, black Cadillac SUV driving slowly behind us. On the trail. Not a road. A woman in high heels and her boyfriend or bodyguard — not sure which — got out of the car and caught up with us to notify us that she (a celebrity, we gathered, but not one we recognized) was on her way to the studio and they were caught in traffic and she really had to pee and did we know where there was a bathroom. She could hardly walk on the mulch with those heels.

    Not 5 minutes later, as I was driving down one of the canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains, I had to step on my breaks to let in a Hummer stretch limo join traffic. It was the length of 3 normal cars and had the hardest time navigating the windy roads.

    • dearrosie says:

      e I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type this. Your story wins the prize for the best tale about traffic in LA. I know that path. Its certainly not a *road* and its certainly not meant for someone in high heels… Were the bathrooms at your work still open?
      Sorry on second thoughts, I must take back your 1st place position because you weren’t able to identify the celebrity in the Cadillac. If you’d been able to tell us who she was you’d have won the trip to Hawaii… 😛

      I’m astonished that people are still riding around in Hummer stretch limos. How did the driver navigate those narrow windy roads?

  13. Brunch on the patio of a small hotel overlooking the ocean sounds wonderful, even if the food was terrible. Salt air kind of makes anything taste better to me. 😉 What a lovely and colorful walk on the beach you had – I can see why you’re starting to feel connected and at home there. ♥

    It can be so upsetting when there is drama in a neighborhood. I hope Jason is long gone and hasn’t hurt his wife if he did find her.

    My happy place is Cape Cod, but I suspect you already knew the answer to that one. 🙂 It takes us about two hours to get there but we don’t manage to get there nearly often enough. We miss having our grandparents’ houses to stay in – a bed and breakfast isn’t quite the same.

    But we do have lots of hiking trails here in Connecticut and out on the Cape, too. Between the woods and the seashore there are plenty of places to find refuge from the strain of living in town…

    • dearrosie says:

      One can’t be a nosy neighbor so I can’t tell you any more about Jason and his wife.

      I didn’t know your happy place is Cape Cod. I love it too, but I can only imagine what wonderful childhood memories you must have if you grew up visiting your grandparents there. A stay at a bed and breakfast would not be the same as a large family gathering eating dinner at granny’s table.

      I know you and Tim are always going out exploring your neighborhood …

      Sometimes when a restaurant has the wonderful view they don’t bother to get a top notch chef because they know people will come anyway. It was disappointing.

  14. Doris says:

    I love this post…I been thinking so much of the sea lately, I love your dogs they are so cute and the names oh my love them too, like the fact that Mr. F and Debbie are looking at the sea absorbing the beautiful day. I want to star with the wp promts too but I am lazy 😉 …where is home…it means so many things…but this post did it justice…very nice Rosie…have a great day!

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m happy to know you enjoyed my post Doris – I enjoyed reading your comment. There is nothing quite as calming as the staring at the ocean… Do you live near the ocean?

      The large dog called Barkley isn’t our dog. He lives in one of the fancy-shmancy houses on the beach and he’s allowed to run around on the beach as he pleases. (Mr F picked up his enormous poop)

      Do you know where your home is?

  15. Rosie, this is lovely. I love your collage of seaweed, anemones & starfish! Malibu looks like a great place to call home; I’m not crazy about the rest of L.A. though! My home now is only temporary, as you know. Oman has been a great home for 1 1/2 years, but I am so ready to return to my home state of Virginia where I can see lots of green and experience 4 seasons! I have loved hiking in Oman’s mountains though; that is one thing I will carry with me even once I leave here!

    • dearrosie says:

      I think you’ve managed to make Oman into a place called home because you’ve enjoyed hiking in the mountains there.
      Malibu is wonderful. Whenever I go there it never disappoints…
      Thanks for your great comment Cathy.

      • Yes, Rosie, if it weren’t for the mountains in Oman, I would never have enjoyed it as much as I have. That’s why places like Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain have never appealed to me. I love mountains more than ever after having lived in Korea and Oman. 🙂

      • dearrosie says:

        Thanks to you and your love of mountains I know something about the beautiful mountains in Oman.

  16. adinparadise says:

    Well I hope Stephanie is okay. 🙂 Malibu has always sounded so glamorous to me. You have some wonderful photos there.What an interesting beach. 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      I don’t want to be a nosy neighbor so I can’t give you an update on Stephanie. I hope to meet her outside her house and then I can ask whether she’s okay…
      You travel so much Sylvia. Have you been to LA?

  17. Wow…I think this post read like a short story. I could even visualize the images in a movie short. Jason…you awakened in the night…images of home near the beach. Such contrast yet connected.
    CA daughter recently posted a photo of her on fb on the beach near you, I’m sure. Her status caption was “Home.” It’s interesting when our children make such a statement.

    • dearrosie says:

      That’ this post read like a short story is the nicest thing anyone has ever written in a comment Georgette. Muchas gracias amiga 😀

      Pleased to hear that your CA daughter also feels she’s at “home”. It makes our life so much easier when our kids are settled and happy.

  18. nrhatch says:

    Loved this post, Rosie.

    As soon as we moved to Florida, I realized I was HOME. For the first time.

    • dearrosie says:

      Well thank you Nancy. I’m glad to hear Florida feels like home. We’ve had many wonderful holidays there: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sanibel Island (twice), a beach up near Disney World, and the Keys.

      Did you move to Florida when you retired?

      • nrhatch says:

        Actually, we came on vacation 4 years ago and decided to STAY . . . rather than returning to the cold northeast for the remainder of winter.

        We went home only long enough to grab our stuff, give 2 weeks notice, and stage the house. Once the house in MD sold, we started househunting here.

      • dearrosie says:

        You just decided you couldn’t bear to live in the north-east for one more winter and went back home and gave in your two week notice? Good lord that’s a marvelous story Nancy.
        Do you fish or play golf?

      • nrhatch says:

        The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. ~ J. Pierpont Morgan

        No, we don’t fish. Or play golf. But we always find plenty to do. And, when/if we get bored of “doing nothing” . . . we’ll go back to work. :mrgreen:

      • dearrosie says:

        That’s a great quote. I guess you went on your vacation already knowing you were ready to leave.

        I’m glad to hear you don’t play golf. Nor do we. All that grass demands so much water and fertilizer… ouch our poor world!

      • nrhatch says:

        I read an article recently, written by a Greens keeper for a Golf Course who advocated against pesticides and for native plants. Maybe golf courses will become “natural green spaces” that promote environmental awareness. That would be cool. 😎

  19. shoreacres says:

    To paraphrase the old saying, home is where my rear end is. I have this weird tendency. Wherever I am, is home. Put me in a motel for more than two hours, and I’ll tell people in the restaurant – “Well, I’m going back home and read for a while.” And I’ll mean the motel.

    Funny that when I moved to Liberia, I never was homesick. When I came back to the States after four years, I was homesick. Maybe it’s so much moving that’s done it. Maybe I have geographic attachment disorder. 😉

    I did find the heron! And I love the anemones and starfish. They’re almost as much fun as our armadillos.

    Have you ever seen Matt Logue’s photographic essay called “Empty LA”?. I’ll say no more about it – you can go see the gallery here . It’s amazing.

    • dearrosie says:

      You are fortunate to be so adaptable Linda – my goodness even in a motel?
      When you moved back to the States after four years in Liberia what were you homesick for – Africa or the small town you grew up in?

      Funny that we both had photos of herons in our posts last week! Glad you found my little heron. If only someone would invite me to come sit on their patio overlooking the ocean in Malibu – I’d be able to sit there for hours and catch pictures of the herons, seals, dolphins, whales…

      I hadn’t seen Matt Logue’s essay “Empty LA”. Thanks for the link. Its so strange to see empty freeways and empty streets in this crowded city.

  20. Beautiful post my friend. The man and the woman staring at the vast sea, searching for answers, finding peace , dreaming, hoping, praying, remembering the home they used to know and care about….stirs my heart knowing that at one point I faced a similar situation.

    • dearrosie says:

      I know that you really understand what it’s like to stare at the vast ocean and try find your peace… Thanks for your comment IT. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Rose, I was born in Missouri, but moved away at 18 and was gone for 55 years. I lived for 38 of those years in Minnesota, but when ill health sort of debilitated my life, I decided to “move back home” to Missouri four years ago. But what I’ve discovered is that Missouri isn’t home. Minnesota and the North Shore come closest to being home for me. And the move has helped me see that my real home is within myself. So I’m trying to appreciate the home that is self. Peace.

  22. munchow says:

    Welcome home, I could probably say. It’s quite good to have the feeling of home, isn’t it? And thank you for taking us a long the beach around your place. The pictures bring the beauty of the beach at Malibu to all over us. Where is my happy place? I don’t really know – it changes according to my mood and the seasons. Some are close to homes and some are not (yes, I know it’s plural…) But surely there are plenty of hikes close to my places, although I don’t have a warm and sunny beach like you do.

    • dearrosie says:

      Where is home for you Otto? Is it Norway?

      I’m not surprised to learn that you have more than one happy place. I can understand that it changes depending on the season and where in the world your camera has taken you. (Is hiking one of your happy places?)

      I’m delighted to know that my pictures showed you some of the beautiful features of the Malibu coast. I look forward to walking along the beach with you one day.

  23. frizztext says:

    a Malibu villa, well that’s the top of luxury, indeed!

  24. bronxboy55 says:

    This post made me think of how much life is happening everywhere — down in the sand and over at the neighbor’s house — that has nothing to do with me. For some reason, that made me relax a little.

    What flavor gelato did you have? (Never mind — don’t tell me.)

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m delighted that watching life happening in my little post helped you to relax. Yaay. 🙂

      What flavor gelato? I had mint chocolate with mandarin orange. It was beyond deelish!

  25. Robin says:

    Beautiful walk, Rosie. I especially liked spending some time peering into the tide pools. Tide pools are like Wonderland to me. Magic. 🙂

    My happy place is right here at home in the Bogs, but I’ve traveled to other places that made me feel at home, too. Scotland and Nova Scotia are two such places. I was born on the east coast of the U.S. so that feels a little like home, too. There are hiking trails galore here in the Bogs. It’s the cities that are hard to come by. lol!

    • dearrosie says:

      I can just imagine the wonderful photos you’d take if you were peering into the tide pools Robin. They are like magic because you don’t know what you’re going to find.
      You’re lucky that you live at your happy place. It shows in your photos 😀
      I’ve been to Scotland and Nova Scotia and I also think they are special places. I’ve seen your (I think) Thursday posts on NS but haven’t seen your posts on Scotland.
      Thanks for commenting.

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