The mother of all traffic jams, or an excuse for a weekend away?

Question: What happens when you shut down the busiest section of the busiest freeway in Los Angeles over an entire weekend?
Answer: Carmaggedon a.k.a. the worst traffic jam *ever*.

Carmaggedon II takes place this weekend – Saturday  September 29 and Sunday September 30, 2012 – when about ten miles of the I-405 freeway will be shut down

northbound between the I-10 and the I-101, southbound between the I-101 and Getty Center Drive


It’s part of the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement. In order to add a northbound high-occupancy vehicle lane (carpool lane) through the Sepulveda Pass,  Caltrans is demolishing the north side of the Mulholland Drive Bridge.

work on one of the bridges


The half-a-million motorists who usually drive the freeway are once again being warned to stay home because the alternative routes between the Valley and the Westside are narrow, winding canyon roads.

narrow local streets

405 South

405 north

405 with view of houses on the hill


If you live in Los Angeles, but can’t go away for the weekend, yet need to go across to the west side this weekend, offers five tips for surviving Carmageddon II.

405 in fog

Last year’s closure turned out to be a non-event, because we all stayed home, or went away for the weekend.

Once again hotels in places like Santa Barbara and Palm Springs have offered Los Angelenos special “Carmageddeon rates.”

FYI: While these photos were taken on my commute to work I didn’t take them from behind the wheel – although it is astonishing what some people manage to do while driving – I was a passenger. My carpool buddy Eric or Mr F were driving

For the link to my blog on last year’s closure click here.

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