Museum Musings: People, People, People …

It’s been many weeks since I shared a story about the museum.

January 24, 2012

This post is about some of the people I’ve met in the past three months:

  • the other Anne Frank (middle-aged from Laguna Beach)
  • Professor Igor Kennaway from London. According to his business card he’s a conductor, and a Registered Blue Badge Tourist Guide. I enjoyed chatting to him and I’m sure if you use his services when you’re in London, you’ll have a great tour.
  • Miyazaki Hayao – the +80 year-old Japanese Animation Director.
  • Patricia Albers, and her husband. She’s written two biographies, i.e. “Shadows, Fire, Snow: the Life of Tina Modoti“,  and  “Lady painter, A life.” on the abstract expressionist painter Joan Mitchel

* * * *

His wife did the drawing at the museum today


“Would you like to see the drawing my wife did in your museum this afternoon?” said a man while I rang up his credit card.

He took the drawing (on the right) out of the cardboard tube to show me.

Fran Kasturas - Jan 19 2012

The artist, Fran Kasturas from Spectrum Art Studio, is in the photo on the left.

I was impressed to learn she’d done the drawing in about an hour.

I’ve added the link to her website even though it’s still under construction.

I hope it’s up soon Fran.

* * * *

March 8, 2012. Tony Carter from UK

Earlier this month I was eating lunch next to the coffee card when I met Tony Carter

“I  like your style,” he said coming up to the table where I was sitting, “Can I take your photo.”

Of course I had to take his photo…

He offered me a piece of his apple pie.   I’d like a piece now please…



* * * * *

Men are sporting elegant mustaches, and mohawks of many colors…

January 19, 2012


March 8, 2012










January 23, 2012










January 18. His hair is in a braid down his back




Damiet from Holland, just spent ten weeks in Guatemala.

resting her weary feet

January 23,2012

And finally I’m delighted to tell you that our store is now selling Vivian Maier‘s book, “Vivian Maier: Street Photographer“.  Make a space for it on your shelf.


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31 Responses to Museum Musings: People, People, People …

  1. Priya says:

    Lovely! I am so happy to see one of your museum posts. Just what I needed.

    I like that almost all your posts are tagged Tutto va bene. How appropriate.

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. You have an eye to capture people’s moment and emotions. Beautiful photos that feels light, happy and optimistic. Have a wonderful day filled with blessings…

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Island traveler,
      “most” people who visit our Museum are all happy and relaxed to be out on what Julia Cameron calls “an artist’s date”. I try to capture that.

      There’s always the odd person who is irritable, rude and rushed…. I don’t engage with them (they don’t give me a chance) or photograph them.

  3. magsx2 says:

    What a lovely mix of people you met, it must be really nice to be able to talk to so many people from all walks of life, very interesting conversations.
    I just love that drawing, so well done and in such a short time, the Lady does have a lot of talent. 😀
    Love all the photos as well, the mustaches and hair styles draw a smile. 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Mags,
      I meet an interesting mix of people from all over the world. I never know who’s going to walk up to my register each day, which is why my job is never boring.
      Have I mentioned that many people come to the museum straight from the airport? Last Sunday there were about a dozen suitcases in the coat check…

      I hope Fran read your comment!

  4. I always love your Museum Musings, Rosie … and I saw so many things I have to comment on! First, your sunsets are glorious! I can’t stand facial hair on men so the mustaches creeped me out big time .. and I wish you had posted the outfit you had on when the apple-pie guy took YOUR photo! And finally, having just been in Guatemala, it was a thrill to see that bag again — it was in every shop i saw! Thanks for sharing your observant loving eye!

    • dearrosie says:

      Betty I feel as if I’m traveling with you. You went to Peru on Sunday. The L.A. Times Travel section had an article on Peru on Sunday. When the woman with the Guatemala bag came to my register you were still in Guatemala and I thought it was a message from you. I told the Dutch tourist about you and we had an interesting chat about the country and the wonderful people she’d met.

      A photo of myself isn’t part of this blog. You’ll have to imagine why the apple-pie guy took my photo.

  5. ooo…another museum posting! I came right over. Someday I will have to visit your museum. I wonder if any of your blogging friends have found you and then announced who they are. You are a most engaging person to capture such candid shots.

    • dearrosie says:

      You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that you also enjoy reading my Museum Musings… Thank you Georgette, you’re so kind.

      I have yet to meet a blogging friend at my cash register. A few of them have threatened to ask me a silly question, and I look forward to that 🙂

  6. The drawing by Fran Kasturas is quite impressive – to draw that in an hour – amazing! Unfortunately her link is broken or cannot be found…

    It seems men are getting just as creative with their hairstyles and mustache-styles as women have been. I still remember how surprised I was the first time I saw a man with an earring! You certainly get a wide variety of personal expression parading past you in the museum, Rosie…

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Sorry about the link to Fran’s website. I wouldn’t remember to come back and add it later so I put it in even though it’s still under construction.
      I hope Fran will open it when she knows people like yourself want to see more of her work.

      I can just stand behind my cash register and stare at the fashion parade passing by… Men are wearing very bright colors as well as sporting fancy mustaches. I saw some guys in bright red pants, and red shoes today, yesterday I saw a guy wearing a bright yellow jacket. All very interesting.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the lovely comments. Whenever we come to California, I head to the the sketching room of the Museum where Rosie works. This time was wonderful – as always – and I got to sketch and also join in a figure drawing class. My patient husband, Perry, is like my ‘rep,’ and showed that drawing around to guards, guests and Rosie! She was so nice to include the ‘coming’ website. It’s still ‘under construction’ and should be ready very soon. It will be

      It was fun to meet you, Rosie …and thanks so much! I’ll be back in touch once my website is ‘UP and RUNNNG!”

      Thank you Rosie, for including me in your ‘wonderings!’

      • Hi Fran! I will wait patiently, then, to see your future website! 🙂 I’m so in awe of people like yourself who can draw so well. My maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather and paternal aunt were all good at sketching, but the creative genes seemed to have skipped two generations and finally showed up again in my children. One of them took a figure drawing class at our local Lyman Allyn Art Museum – and I still have the drawing he brought home of one of the busts in the museum that he sketched. Your husband did an excellent job of promoting you!

  7. Arindam says:

    You made some really interesting & wonderful people. I hope you enjoy your time inside the museum a lot. The photograph with the caption “resting her weary feet” really made me laugh. 🙂 It was something I usually do, when I am tired. Really nice post.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Arindam,
      Life is never boring when there’s a never-ending parade of people passing my register.

      The woman who took off her shoes and socks, sat there for about 45 minutes. She really rested.

  8. shoreacres says:

    My favorite was the fellow with the braid. Last weekend in Louisiana I saw two men with great hairbraids, too. I’m not so fond of those silly, not-quite-there ponytails, or dreads, but braids are just wonderful. Perhaps it’s a prairie-living thing – a very practical “do” for riding your horse off into the sunset.

    I’m amazed by Fran Kasturas’ drawing. I could work until Christmas and not accomplish that. I can do an acceptable tree, but that’s the end of it. I did carve a squirrel from a bar of Ivory soap once that was passable, but his tail broke off, and we ended up washing our hands with him.

    See? This is why museum posts are so great! We not only get to enjoy your world, we get reminded of parts of ours!

    • dearrosie says:

      Hello Linda,
      I wonder whether men with braids is the latest fashion statement? I can’t always take a photograph – sometimes I’m just too busy – but I’ll keep you posted.

      You carved a squirrel from a bar of Ivory soap and then washed your hands with him? I love your anecdotes.

      I hope Fran Kasturas comes by and sees how many people are impressed with her drawing.

      Something unrelated: last summer a neighbor of a friend gave me a plant with large long succulent type leaves which I stuck in a pot on my patio and forgot about. When I went out to water the garden yesterday I discovered to my delight that it had a gorgeous flower that looks like a night blooming cereus – but it was blooming during the day, and it didn’t have that marvelous scent.

    • Thanks so much! ..and thanks, Rosie, for including me in your ‘wonderings!’

  9. Because I’m a new reader this was a first for me, Rosie. And I loved it! I’m going to have to be very alert. I love the museums…and I do frequent them! Let’s see what kind of detective work I can do 🙂 I think it must be wonderful to meet wonderfully interesting people in your day. Museums surely must collect people with interesting stories. Good for you for highlighting them. I’ll look forward to more museum posts! Debra

    • dearrosie says:

      Hello Debra,
      Welcome to my museum musings post, I’m glad to know you enjoyed reading it.

      You are my only blogging buddy who can actually get in the car and come find me at my cash register. I look forward to your silly question. You can really trick me as I have no idea what you look like – the gravatar you “Three Well Beings” share is a lovely pink flower…

  10. Wonderful, Rosie! You must be a real charmer (we knew that already) to have garnered smiles from so many people. I love these posts — a look into your day, from your unique perspective.

  11. Hi again, Barbara,
    Thanks for your website is just about ready..just last minute details are being worked it should be up and running very soon. I will post it on Rosie’s blog and also send you notice. I’ll be selling my giclee and lithograph prints of my watercolors, originals, stationery and more…I’m excited about finally having a website. It’s been a dream that is finally going to happen!

  12. bronxboy55 says:

    I know a few of the visitors to the museum drive you a little crazy, Rosie, but it’s apparent that many people are drawn to you. They tell you things, give you things, pose for pictures, and invite you to share their dessert. As a result, these posts reveal as much about you as they do about the people you write about. Keep them coming, please. Maybe someday you’ll be selling your own book about your experiences in the museum store. Customers will be asking you to sign their copy, and probably offering you apple pie, as well.

    • dearrosie says:

      I don’t know how you do it Charles but you always leave the most encouraging and supportive comments. If only my thank you could arrive at your computer with pistachio ice cream on top.

      What a great idea to be offered pieces of apple pie while signing copies of my book.

  13. aFrankAngle says:

    Wonderful tribute to the People Museum. 🙂

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