Museum Musings: a hat day

I was too tired to wash my hair this morning. What I usually do on a bad hair day, is I wear a hat. Simple solution, and elegant outcome. While I  know not to wear white after Labor Day on the east-coast, I wasn’t sure whether it’s a faux-pas to wear a beret in the summer on the west-coast.  I asked Mr F. He thought berets were only worn in the winter, so I went out with my hair sticking every which way (I have such thick stubborn hair)

I was pleasantly surprised to meet Sophie, aged twelve, who told me she was from Santa Cruz.

This is Sophie, who is 12

She told me she’d like to do something in “the fashion world” when she grows up. I sincerely hope so! Her mom told me she puts her outfits together all by herself every day.

At lunchtime I bumped into Chris in the cafeteria

this is Chris

I spoke to my friend Josee this evening. She knows all about hats, “Of course berets are fine for summer,” she said, and apparently mine are perfect because they’re made from cotton. Now that I’ve got the approval from the fashion police, I’ll be wearing a beret all summer.

there were such amazing clouds in the sky this evening

Every day I hear children pleading and whining, but the kid this morning was the best darn negotiator I’ve ever heard.

After a lengthy dialogue with his parents, the boy, who was about 8 or 9 said, “Now that we’ve concluded our negotiations can I have this from the Museum,  plus all the stuff at Disneyland that I haven’t seen?”

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15 Responses to Museum Musings: a hat day

  1. Cindy says:

    Very stylish little Sophie. (I agree that berets are perfectly acceptable in the summer.)

  2. dearrosie says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Do women in South Africa wear berets in the summer?

  3. Priya says:

    Women in India cover their heads with their sari pallu or dupattas. The sun scorches the head, scalp and everything inside it otherwise! I don’t know about the suitability of a beret in the Californian summer, but I do know that you’ll look pretty good in it. So try it!

    The sky!

    • Priya says:

      And yes, Sophie is certainly very stylish!

    • dearrosie says:

      I didn’t realize that the reason women cover their heads with their saris was to protect their scalps from the sun. You teach us so so much Priya.

      Of course I noticed your new gravatar photo – I thought it was a flower until I clicked on it and saw the enlargement – what a beautiful photo of a beautiful fish. Would love to hear the story behind it…

    • dearrosie says:

      What’s a pallu and a dupatta?

      • Priya says:

        The fish is called Bling. She* swims in our fish tank out in the garden, under a palm tree. Her companions are — Red and Sparky. 🙂

        Pallu: The long end of a sari that hangs down from the shoulder? It is used to do a lot of practical things like saving the head from the sun, picking up hot utensils when the utensil-picker (called sansi) is not around, wiping of the child’s face if there’s no towel around…
        Dupatta: I don’t know if you know what a salwar kameez is. It is the long scarf that’s worn with it. There are many variations to the dupatta, but it would become a long, very long comment!

        *No, I am not smart enough to know the gender, but I am assuming it’s a she.

      • dearrosie says:

        Oh hoh so Bling lives in your garden. Are her companions also beautiful?

        I’ve read a fair amount of books set in India but didn’t know that the long end of the sari has a special name, or all the things it can do. Thank you for explaining it to me.

        I do know what a “salwar kameez” is. I borrowed one from a friend at work to wear at the wedding I went to in Toronto last September – it’s so comfortable and so flattering – but I didn’t take the “dupatta” (or understand that it’s part of the outfit).

  4. Barbara Rodgers says:

    What a gorgeous picture of the clouds in the sky from beneath an arbor! Great perspective!

    When my daughter was still at home she used to keep me from being a complete fashion disaster! Now I’m on my own… Thank goodness we’re no longer bound by those old “no white before Easter or after Labor Day” rules. Sophie & Chris look great in their berets, and I think you will, too! 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m glad you and Priya noticed the sky. I don’t recall seeing a sky full of clouds like that before …

      I didn’t know that the no whites after Labor Day rule was old fashioned. So if I come to NYC next winter I’ll see folks walking around Times Square or Central Park in white pants?

      Barbara, I’m wearing a beret today. I’ll be happy if I look half as stylish as Sophie and Chris…

  5. souldipper says:

    Was God eating popcorn in California?
    I smile about your concern over what to wear -when and where. On our island, the rule is do your own thing. I don’t venture far from my business day practices. However, one day I ought to do a post on our local fashions – eclectic, eccentric, colourful, layered and gawd awful. Sophie may have cardiac arrest, but on the other hand, she may find some ideas to use when she’s in the biz. 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      Oh what a beautiful way to describe the clouds Amy 🙂
      Love the sound of your island. I’d love to read about your local fashions. Do tell us….

      Hey Sophie, if you’re reading this (and your Mom wrote down the name of my blog) do tell us what you think.

  6. Love your clouds photo — now that I’ve got my iphone, i’m constantly taking photos of the sky outside my plane window (favorite view ever) — and how awesome is that Sophie?? Berets forever, Rosie!!

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