The world didn’t end …

The Jacaranda tree dwarf's the two-story house

Our dinner last night was freshly made ceviche (a simple dish in which bite sized pieces of raw fish are marinated in citrus juice) that Mr F bought at a Farmer’s Market on his way home from work.   A good choice we thought, for the last supper.

god will judge

But Harold Camping’s doomsday prediction that “the world would end at 6p.m on May 21 (Friday night in the USA) with a series of ‘super terrible’ earthquakes to hit New Zealand and then roll on time zone by time zone” didn’t come to pass. Surprise!

I’d like to know whether he’s going to do something for those folks who “gave up their jobs, sold their homes, maxed on their credit cards ” in order to help him raise the $100 million for the worldwide publicity campaign?

When I woke up today and saw my bedroom was still standing I was a wee bit disappointed, because it meant had to go to my eye doctor to pick up my new glasses.

I dread having to get a new prescription, if they’re not perfectly accurate I’ll know – I’m like the princess and the pea – any slight mistake in my prescription, or the way my glasses sit on my nose,  and I’ll get one of those ‘sick headaches‘ that leaves me feeling nauseous and shaky.

I don’t remember the last time I had a prescription done correctly the first time,  which means I have to drive backwards and forwards across town to Beverly Hills.

Why don’t I find a closer eye doctor?

Sharon holding my glasses

Because of Sharon who works for Dr B.

In January when my glasses broke she told me: “You’re such a challenge, but I like it because it makes me happy to know I can do something for you.”

My lenses had to be redone this time because they were off 2/10 of 1 mm in one eye. I don’t know what that means, I just know I had eye strain in my right eye after wearing them all day.

Jasmine, which has a fragrant scent, is blooming in almost every garden

I enjoyed my drive across town today, perhaps it was because the world didn’t end last night and I was able to enjoy such a perfectly beautiful spring day – the gardens were bursting with color, some streets were purple with jacaranda trees – and also because Anne Litt plays great music on KCRW on Saturday afternoons.

I haven’t tried the glasses. Yet. I’ll wear them tomorrow.


A little poem:

The Pig
by Anonymous. Public domain.

It was the first of May
A lovely warm spring day
I was strolling down the street in drunken pride,
But my knees were all a-flutter,
And I landed in the gutter
And a pig came up and lay down by my side.

Yes, I lay there in the gutter
Thinking thoughts I could not utter
When a lady passing by did softly say
‘You can tell a man who boozes
By the company he chooses’ — And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

(from the Writer’s Almanac May 1, 2011)


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18 Responses to The world didn’t end …

  1. souldipper says:

    You dear, Rosie – I’m certainly glad you don’t need glasses to take photos. Those blossoms are exquisite. I cannot imagine standing by, under or near that incredible Jacaranda tree! Phew.

    Loved the poem about the pig. Perfect!

    • souldipper says:

      P.S. – Happy Still Here! 😀

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m glad I can share the beauty I see around me with you Amy. Its quite an experience to drive down a street with blooming jacaranda trees on either side and the trees are so large they touch in the middle above your head = A purple world.
      I’m also glad to know you enjoyed the little pig poem.

  2. E fullstop says:

    I don’t know what he’ll do to make it up to the folks that went to great lengths to contribute toward his campaign, but it’s refreshing (if not opportunistic) that at least one atheist offered up a needed service during this time.

    • dearrosie says:

      Wow that’s a great story e fullstop. He took in about $35,000 from those gullible folks, and didn’t even have to tickle a single pet.

    • dearrosie says:

      Harold Camping hasn’t read his Bible, or he’d know the verse:
      “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matthew 24: 36

  3. Priya says:

    The blooms! They are brilliant. I could smell the jasmine from here, Rosie.
    Thank you for transporting me there. I can even sense Sharon’s gentleness from here. It is quite clear why you travel far to go there.

    • dearrosie says:

      I love flowers, especially the fragrant ones, and jasmine is at the top of the list. I assume it grows in your neighborhood too Priya?

      Very happy to know you could see why I travel across town to Sharon.

  4. magsx2 says:

    Hi dearrosie,
    What absolutely gorgeous flowers, I love the smell of the Jasmine one of the best scented flowers around I feel.
    I was reading some stories in the paper about “the rapture” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as some people left their jobs, withdraw all their savings, really silly things.
    I also heard that some people put out clothing in the streets including shoes, so it looked like some people had been taken, as a bit of a prank, that would of been a good laugh to see that, here where I live nothing like that, it was all a bit boring here I’m afraid. 🙂

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Magsx2
      I have jasmine growing at my front door and the scent wafts inside the house… sigh… I once tried to describe the scent of jasmine to a Canadian friend who’d never smelled it, but it wasn’t possible. How would you describe it?

      re “The rapture”: I also don’t know anyone who quit their jobs and withdrew their life savings, and no one in my neighborhood had flags of farewell flying outside their homes.

  5. Val says:

    I love the poem and the photo and I agree with you about the ‘princess and the pea’ effect… I get that too. Oh, and I’ve still not managed to get a prescription for glasses that are right yet. I hope yours are okay now.

    Apparently (I hear) Camping has set a new date! Daft.

    • dearrosie says:

      Glad you also like the poem. And my photo. But I’m sorry to hear you too have trouble with your glasses. Mine are OK thank goodness – the prescription was cut correctly but I think they’re sitting too low on my nose so I need to go back to have the frame adjusted slightly…
      You don’t have glasses in your picture – do you just wear them for reading?

      Yes I think Camping has now set the date for October 21.

      • Val says:

        I hate being photographed with my glasses on. 🙂 I wear them when I’m out or when I watch TV but tend to leave them off at other times. I’ve always done this, despite always being told not to by opticians. In the past, it’s helped my sight rather than made it worse.

        Oh, and my pic is years old. More vanity! 😉

      • dearrosie says:

        I know some people who like you always take their glasses off for photos and I’ve never understood why. I like the picture of you with your glasses on that you posted in your blog today.

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  7. The Jacaranda tree is breathtaking! We definitely don’t have them around here – something to look forward to seeing if I ever make it to California.

    Tim has lots of problems getting his glasses just right, too. And the weight of glasses used to give me migraines, so I only wore them when driving or watching TV or in theaters. But now I need reading glasses, too! Off and on all day long…

    • dearrosie says:

      I love Jacaranda trees but I’d hate to have to park my car under one because they make a heck of a mess -but don’t tell anyone.
      I feel sorry for you having to put your glasses on and off or is it off and on all day. Mr F is forever losing his.

      Thank you for joining the conversation in this old post Barbara.

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