Museum Musings: lunch in the garden

Sunny today, but rather coolish with temps only in the upper 60’s at the Museum.

The view from my lunch time bench in the garden.

During my lunch break, I went to one of my favorite spots under the trees,  next to the stream, with a splendid view of the garden.

My lunch was delicious: I had a fish cake Mr F made for dinner last night, with brown rice, steamed kale and barbecued zucchini.

I breathed deeply, admired the colors, listened to the water rushing over the rocks, the wind blowing the leaves, the birds, the people walking past, and enjoyed my meal…

I sent Mr F a text message from my bench:

“Today I can honestly say my lunch was delicious + tasty + the garden’s just gorgeous! Lucky me.”

Before returning to my cash register, I went to the Restroom.  Because I don’t like putting food on the floor of a toilet I placed my lunch bag on the little shelf in the stall.  I don’t know how it happened, but before I could stop it the bag fell off the shelf, and my glass food container and ceramic traveling mug smashed into a hundred pieces on the marble floor…

I wept.

I’ve put my lunch bag on the toilet shelf all these years and it’s never fallen before.

It was the second ceramic traveling mug I’ve broken this month.

Was it a sign? Am I supposed to interpret a meaning?   What…?

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4 Responses to Museum Musings: lunch in the garden

  1. Priya says:

    I wish we had answers to all these questions that arise after the moments of Wondering, Rosie. But the answers never come. Or, possibly, the answers are very simple ones. How about this — your lunch was tasty, part of it made with obvious love by your husband, you ate it in an oh-wow garden and was able to appreciate your good fortune about it all. After all this, if the glass lunch box and ceramic travelling mug break on a marble floor, it is probably a reminder that you need to go shopping for packed lunch things that match the brilliance of you and the people you love, and cool surroundings you breath in.
    A big bear hug to you.

    • dearrosie says:

      Hi Priya. Many many thanks for your thoughtful comment and your lovely hug. Did you know that I’m a hugger?
      Yeah, Mr F did make the food with love. And that’s what I tasted ♥

      * I always bring my own lunch from home. I’ve used the same lunch box and pyrex lunch containers for almost three years now, and it’s never fallen down before.
      * the lunch box isn’t glass. It’s made of plastic but because it closes with velcro at the top and not a zip when the box fell down it didn’t stay closed. I should take a photo of it. Mr F calls it my dog’s kennel because it’s so big. I don’t have a desk so I carry everything I may need in there ie tea bags, fruit, sweeties, eye glass cleaners etc

  2. bronxboy55 says:

    I think the only meaning you can interpret is the realization that the glass container and ceramic mug were objects that can be easily replaced. Your sense of what’s really important — the beautiful garden, healthy food, sunshine, and especially the love of your family — remain intact. Hold onto those things with both hands, Rose, and let the rest fall to the floor.

    • dearrosie says:

      Thank you for your wise words Bronx Boy. I’m sure that’s exactly the message I was being given i.e. not to agonize one more second about the broken objects that as you said “can be easily replaced,” but to remember what I do have.

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