Museum Musings: A busy Easter

pair of ducks swimming in the fountain

As promised, here’s the photo of the pair of ducks swimming in the fountain at the Museum.

  • Children throw tantrums and forget that I’m here behind the register. Watching them.  Something I’ve noticed the past year is the kids who whine and plead to their parents with that “Oh please,” refrain, aren’t getting the toys. Americans are broke.
  • I stopped feeling tired when I saw a little girl of about ten, walking around with an oxygen tank on her back.
  • A cute little girl of about five or six with her hair brushed in little stick out pigtails wailing in the Children’s Store because her chewing gum was stuck to her fingers, and the more she tried to get rid of it the more it stuck to more fingers.
  • English is hard. An Asian tourist told me “I can memory that…” we were talking about one of our famous paintings.
  • About a dozen nuns young dressed in gray and blue filed down the stairs opposite my cash register looking like a line of bluebirds.
  • A soldier out with his young family. His wife told me he was going to Kuwait next week. She bought a Dream Box:

“Write down your greatest desire, put it in the dream box and place it next to your bed. Every evening at bedtime think of your dream, believing with all your heart that it is so. Legend has it that your dream will come true.”

  • Only one person, a man, told me, “God bless you.”
  •  She had the same watch as mine. She bought hers in Chicago for $50. I paid 65 Euros in Milan for mine.

Los Angeles with snow capped Mt Baldy in the distance

As previously mentioned Leonard Cohen spent several years in a monastery on Mt Baldy. In this photo, which I took last December, you can see the green trees of Los Angeles in the foreground, and Mount Baldy covered with snow in the distance

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6 Responses to Museum Musings: A busy Easter

  1. I just love the pictures you write to us — I feel like I’m there in the museum with you! And though I know it must get tiresome being behind the counter, I feel as if you are so observant, like a poet, you’re making excellent use of the experience! Your description of the nuns tickled me to pieces — and made me remember seeing 4 flight attendants from Korean Air hurrying through security — with their identical slim figures, black hair pulled tightly back in impeccable buns, flawless makeup, sky blue tightly fitted uniforms and black chopstick hair clips, they looked like a flock of butterflies. So lovely!!! Happy Friday, Rosie!

    • dearrosie says:

      Oh lord Betty you’re right about it being boring standing behind the counter! I’m fortunate that I love “people” watching, and love that I can share my observations here, and love that people like you enjoy my word pictures. Thanks Betty 🙂

      I can picture that flock of butterflies running through airport security.

  2. souldipper says:

    And I remember hearing about a Sheik in Harrods with a covey of women, fully covered and peeking through little windows, floating behind him. Thanks for describing your window on humanity.

  3. Barbara Rodgers says:

    The diversity of people is remarkable! I love people-watching, too, and enjoy reading your philosophical and artistic observations. Too bad you probably aren’t allowed to take photographs from your observation post!

    • dearrosie says:

      The world comes to my cash register. I enjoy listening to the different languages and trying to guess what country, and I really love watching Chinese, Japanese, Korean signatures. So beautiful.
      I do sometimes ask whether I can take photos of the people and they rarely say No! I have posted their photos in the past.

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