it’s count down time to THE wedding of the century!

The world’s gone mad over a wedding. If you have to ask “who’s getting married?” you must’ve been sleeping all year.

More than a thousand journalists from all over the world are in London, hundreds of photographers are staking their spots along the route hoping to get the one photo that will bring them fame and fortune,  pay for their mortgages and their kids college educations.

Why is this wedding being described as the wedding of the century?

Because the world still loves Princess Di?

Or because this really is a Cinderella story: an ordinary English girl called Kate is going to become a princess. (Her father was a former flight dispatcher, and her mother a flight attendant.)

The London bookies are busy. The most popular bets: “Who designed the dress?”, “What’s the length of the train?”, “Who do you think will cry first?”

The secrecy around the bride’s dress is so secure, that the night before the wedding I don’t even know the designer. Is it Kate herself?  One thing is for sure: Kate Middleton will have to look like a princess, so she will be wearing a tiara.

Princess Di wore a billowy bouffant gown with a 25 foot long train at her wedding, and changed bridal fashions overnight.

Did you know that we all still emulate what Queen Victoria wore at her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840? She changed tradition by wearing a white dress.

Why did the couple chose to get married on 29th April? Why a Friday? Why not a Saturday (Britain loses one billion dollars each public holiday?)

According to the London Telegraph:

William and Kate wanted to marry on a Friday in spring and 29 April was chosen because it fell after Easter and Lent and before a busy political programme in May and June.

I’ve also been told  Saint Catherine of Siena’s feast day is April 29.

Whatever the reason the British people are very happy. The wedding day is a public holiday and as it falls in the same week as Easter Monday it gives millions of workers a three-day week, and as May 2 is already a bank holiday “you can take a two week holiday, but only use 6 days of vacation,” which is what every English tourist at my cash register told me today.

Westminster Abbey  The wedding will be at Westminster Abbey

How much is this wedding going to cost? Millions of dollars. The Royal family and the Middletons are paying for it, but British taxpayers are paying for the extra security.

I must say that I’m relieved I wasn’t invited, there are so many rules around the perfect wedding guest outfit, but what on earth does one wear to a royal wedding?

 * * *

William and Kate wanted a simple wedding, but so much is dictated by tradition. For example,

Flowers: Tradition dictates that a royal bride’s bouquet contains a sprig of myrtle from the bush grown from the original myrtle in Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet. Royal brides send their bouquet back to the abbey to be placed on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

The cake: A traditional multi-tiered iced fruit cake featuring the “language of flowers” will be the centrepiece. A chocolate cookie cake is also being made especially for Prince William by McVitie’s.

The ring: Prince William will not wear a wedding ring, but his new wife’s will be made from gold given to the prince by the Queen. According to tradition, the Welsh gold for royal rings comes from the Clogau St David’s mine at Bontddu in North Wales.

* * *

Many people in North America  are going to get up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding on TV – as they did for Diana and Charles’ wedding.  The guests at my cousin Hazel’s party are going to put on their big hats and white gloves, and she’s serving cucumber sandwiches, McVitie’s chocolate digestive cookies, and scones, with cups of strong English tea.


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6 Responses to it’s count down time to THE wedding of the century!

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I bet having weddings on Fridays will become popular now! I missed Charles & Diana’s wedding as I was too busy with my little ones to pay attention to much else. This one, for William & Catherine, I did watch. I have nothing to compare it to, except that it seemed remarkably simple for a royal affair. They seem like a lovely, down-to-earth couple and I have a feeling things will go much better for Kate than they did for Diana.

    • dearrosie says:

      oh boy I’m sure you’re right that Friday weddings are going to be *it* even without the public holiday or “bank” holiday as they’re called in Britain.

      I didn’t get up early to watch so I’ve just seen a few highlights, but I agree with you that it looked like a lovely simple wedding, and I respect them very much for that.

      Oprah had a special Royal Wedding show today. The Queen’s chef told us that Her Royal Highness the Queen LOVES chocolate cake.

  2. souldipper says:

    *Yawn* I enjoyed every moment…until 5:30 a.m. I predict that these two will do wonders for youth around the world to feel represented. These two blended tradition with simplicity and pulled off a joyous occasion. I don’t doubt their love. Diana never looked comfortable. Catherine looked born for the role.

    • dearrosie says:

      Does your yawning mean you stayed up all night to watch? Good for you! I’m the party pooper who went to sleep.

      I like what you said that Diana never looked comfortable while Kate looks born for the role. True. I wonder it’s because Di was so much younger?

      • souldipper says:

        Yes, I did stay up all night. I don’t believe it was age, Rosie. Sadly, Di never had the luxury of feeling certain about Charles’ love.
        The lip readers reported that William said to Catherine, when she approached him at the altar, “I love you. You look beautiful.”

        We had the feeling with Charles that he was standing there thinking, “Please, Mrs. Robinson…!”

        Never mind, their marriage produced two fantastic young men who can hopefully be stalwart and strong role models and leaders. The youth of our world could use just such examples.

  3. dearrosie says:

    Congratulations on staying up!
    Thanks for sharing what William said to Kate at the alter. Aw shucks…

    I am glad that Charles and Camilla were allowed to finally marry. They do seem very happy together.

    Yeah the boys have grown into two great young men. Charles did a good job as a single parent. (I was also pleased to hear that the press have not hounded them.)

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