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Linda and the camel in Egypt

In November I wrote about our friend Sally who has Early-onset Alzheimer‘s and had to be admitted to a long-term care home.

Her husband Mac wrote last month:

“I’ve brought Sally back home from the nursing home.  I won’t comment on her stay there other than to say it just wasn’t  the best I could do for her. It’s not all going swimmingly here at home yet – we still have some staff and equipment shortages, and residual health and injury problems, but Sally is looking and feeling much better by the day, she’s even starting to eat my puree cooking.”

Mac  you are an incredible husband. I hope you have the strength to keep going.

Monte Carlo's first visit to the ocean

Last week we took Monte Carlo to what turned out to be his first time on the beach. He stopped still to stare at the ocean, dug a few little holes in the sand, stared again, then running this way and that, into the water, along the sand, he chased birds and waves, played with other dogs and us. Beautiful to watch him.


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2 Responses to recent news

  1. Priya says:

    All the very best to Sally and Mac. Mac, indeed, is an incredible husband. And Sally looks like a gentle fighter.

    Monte Carlo! I love the picture, Rosie. This must have been clicked at the moment he kept looking at the sea. Beautiful indeed.

    Linda and the camel both look quite happy with each other, too. Have I read more about Linda in the your previous posts?

    • dearrosie says:

      From the sound of things I don’t think Mac has time to read my blog right now, but I will be sure to pass on your good wishes Priya.

      I’m glad you liked the picture Priya. You’re right that I clicked the camera at the moment he was transfixed by the enormous blue out there.

      I actually know several Linda’s. I haven’t written about this Linda before. I love the photo and wanted to share it, and am glad you liked it.

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