Japan, I weep with you


Tsunami hits Japanese coast

Mr F and I just returned from a glorious three week holiday in South Africa (which was so beautiful and exciting I can’t wait to share it with you and I have so much to say I know it’ll take me more than one post),  but not right now, and not because I’m jetlag weary, but because I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the Japanese people who are still struggling with the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit on March 11th.

I heard an interview on NPR with a fireman from S. California who “has gone to every major disaster of the past decade”:

I’ve never seen such devastation before,” he said. “After the Haiti earthquake we were able to work for days and still find survivors under the rubble, but that didn’t happen here. Anyone buried under rubble was drowned when the [30 foot] tsunami hit…. I saw cars, large cars, sitting on top of houses, I saw houses washed miles away from their foundations.

And now the people of Japan, and the rest of the world, wait in fear that Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukishima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant will blow up.


I wrote another Etheree poem.

Japan, I weep with you




day of horror

in Japan, thousands died

end of the world some say

cataclysmic disaster

possible nuclear meltdown

contaminated spinach and milk

daily bewildering devastation

Created by Arkansas poet Etheree Taylor Armstrongan Etheree is ten lines long, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and non-rhyming, it starts with a line of one syllable, then adds one syllable per line, until the last line of ten syllables.

(for my other Etheree poems see and also)


If you’d like to donate to Japan’s recovery efforts I can recommend two organizations:

Relief International (ri.org) working with local doctors in the most devastated areas is able to provide basics like clean drinking water (the UN estimates that 1.4 million people are without safe drinking water.)

Japan America Society of Southern California is “forwarding all donations to experienced non government relief organizations in Japan that have a proven track record of emergency humanitarian relief”
(or call 213.627.6217)


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5 Responses to Japan, I weep with you

  1. Elizabeth Radl says:

    It is very tough to hear about what is going on in Japan. I have been so deeply saddened by this event. Mother nature is unpredictable and when she strikes she strikes with such force…life is so fragile.

  2. shoreacres says:

    I never write haiku, but this one came, and I’ll offer it here as comment until I decide where else it belongs. Thank you for your post, and for the links. I’m adding them to my list.

    Unmoved, the mountain
    rises over human pain –
    waves wash and recede.

  3. dearrosie says:

    Your haiku is really beautiful. I thank you for sharing it with us.

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