Museum Musings: the second floor

John Talbot (1750-1793) memorializes his Grand Tour through Europe to include his dog

This is word-for-word my conversation with an American couple this afternoon:

Tourist: Is this the second floor?

Me: You’re in the basement

Tourist: Second floor?

Me: This is the basement Sir. The second floor is up there (I point to the ceiling). Can I help you, what are you looking for?

Tourist: We’re told there’s lots of art on the second floor.

Me: Yes, the paintings are all on the second floor. Take the elevator over there.

Tourist: Up two floors?

Me: Press TWO in the elevator

Tourist: Two?

Me: I nod Yes.

Tourist: OK. Thank you.

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10 Responses to Museum Musings: the second floor

  1. Mahalia says:

    oh my god. i know these conversations 🙂 did you keep a straight face?

  2. Priya says:

    😀 Are you sure the words ‘two’ and ‘second’ weren’t mutually contradictory? And then you threw in ‘basement’. Poor, poor Tourist. 😀 When did you begin the chuckle?

    • dearrosie says:

      Priya it’s unbelievably frustrating to have to answer endlessly silly questions like that every day, so after all these years I don’t find it funny any more.

  3. You know, you just can’t make those things up –but the painting IS lovely. Hope they found it!

    • dearrosie says:

      If this was a scene in a movie we wouldn’t believe it, but every day I have to answer silly questions like this. Can we blame it on Jetlag?
      Glad you like the painting – there’s so many little unknown gems on the walls.

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  5. Elizabeth Radl says:

    hahahahahahahahah me gusta mucho! muy comica!

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