this too is Los Angeles…

Can you see the Hollywood sign on the hill

Yes I live in Hollywood, and yes Oscar time approaches, but L.A. isn’t just a movie-land. The lives of the rich and famous are but a fraction of what goes on in the city.

Grace, a seven-year-old girl from New York city whom I had the pleasure of meeting at my cash register yesterday told me, “Winter in Los Angeles should be called “Hinter” because it’s so hot in L.A….”

In previous posts I’ve shared photos of hikes I’ve taken in the canyons, and walks on beaches, and even mentioned some places I love in this city. In this post,  I share a random selection of my photos of signs and Billboards around L.A., which I hope will show you something you didn’t know about this much photographed city of angels.

Mural outside a shop in east L.A.

I was inspired to do this post after reading my blogging friend Priya, of Partial View‘s blog I am smelling something when she takes us on a tour of the town of Raipur. I’ve never been to India, and don’t know where Raipur is, but she shared so much of her walk through town with us,  the stinks and scents, the cows ambling down the road, that it felt as though I were with her.


All the beach communities along the coast have signs like the one above, “Parking and Tsunami” warnings. I wonder how many people actually notice the tsunami warning?

A couple of billboards in east L.A.



This billboard’s on one of the beautifully detailed downtown buildings


Rosa’s Salon de Belles is in Eagle Rock

Super Cocina 5 Puntos is in east L.A.

Horse parking

No bows and arrows


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13 Responses to this too is Los Angeles…

  1. Elizabeth Radl says:

    You have a great eye Roseanne!

  2. Zid says:

    Those photos remeber me of GTA : San Andreas. I never been in Los Angeles, but I remember many place in in GTA : SAlike those pictures.

  3. Priya says:

    Beautiful pictures, Rosie. And a much needed perspective!

  4. Val Erde says:

    I love the ‘no bows and arrows’!

    I’ve often wondered about the ordinary life of people in Hollywood. Now I know!

  5. Dinah says:

    Love your photos, Rosie!

  6. I love the street art, the billboards and especially Rosa’s Beauty Salon! Great captures! I’m sure LA has a very quirky personality. 🙂

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