Museum Musings: Sunday at the Museum

Eaton Canyon in Pasadena on Christmas day

Overheard in the Museum today:

  • Would it be bad to come to one of the great museums in the world and just buy this book?  The book was Face Painting.
  • Nick asked the customer: “Which part of the U.K are you from?”
    The guy answered, “Eagle Rock” (a suburb of Los Angeles)
  • We can see the entire museum just by walking through the gift store. (I think many tourists do just that)

I served several groups

  • Student musicians with their Music Director from Tucson who heard Wynton Marsalis play last night, and were thrilled to meet him after the concert.
  • Theater students from around the country who are here for a Drama conference
  • Oasis, a group of over 55’s from San Diego who were on an art tour.  I think the group may be similar to the Red Hat ladies, but they don’t wear the silly hats.


I enjoyed chatting with Karl. He’s an environmental scientist whose parents farm wheat, sheep and cattle on a farm near the town of Kalgoorlie, which is 370 miles east-northeast of Perth in W. Australia.

Karl explained that in Australia,  a sheep or cattle farm bigger than 20,000 acres is known as a station, and that they can be thousands of square kilometers in size, sometimes with their nearest neighbor hundreds of kilometers away. Wow!

I did a google-search to see what the vegetation around Kalgoorlie would be like but I couldn’t find a photo. I imagine it to be like Eaton Canyon photographed on the top of this post…

The man in the black beret said to me “I like your glasses,” then added, “They look good because you’re wearing them.”
aw shucks…

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4 Responses to Museum Musings: Sunday at the Museum

  1. Betty says:

    EATON Canyon is so pretty! Love all the cactii .. and love your museum musings! Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie!

    • dearrosie says:

      Glad you like the photo of Eaton Canyon. Its amazing how the vegetation from one canyon to the next can be so different. Eaton Canyon also has a little stream that one has to cross on stepping stones and on Christmas day we’d had so much rain that the stream was quite deep and Monte Carlo refused to cross. Mr F had to carry him over…

  2. bronxboy55 says:

    Nick asked the customer: “Which part of the U.K are you from?”
    The guy answered, “Eagle Rock” (a suburb of Los Angeles)

    You must have dozens of these fragments of dialogue. If so, I think they’d make a great post.

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