Peter Pan doesn’t want to get out of bed…

My Mom, on her birthday a few years ago

My mother always described herself as Peter Pan, and like the Energizer® pink Bunny®, Mom’s Keep Going® spirit has kept her going, she’s outlived her siblings and many of her friends,  manages to keep in touch with all four generations of our large family who live all over the world, still does Tai-Chi,  plays bridge and rummy, but she’s 94.5 now, after she fell last week an ambulance had to be called to help lift her off the floor, and she ended up in hospital, where they’re still doing “tests” to try determine “what happened“.

Earlier in the week we were told she’d had a minor heart attack, then today the cardiologist told my sister that the echo cardiogram showed her heart was fine for someone her age. Whatever it is, Mom is confused, upset, finds walking painful (after laying on her back for four days in emergency waiting for a bed she developed bed sores on the backs of her feet) and she doesn’t want to get out of bed.

When I heard that the nurse and my sister couldn’t get my mother out of bed I was alarmed. Peter Pan never lays in bed, Peter Pan gets up and walks the passages of the hospital with her walker, Peter Pan plays bridge to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Of course I want to drop everything and rush over there, but I live in Southern California, a day’s plane trip away from the north-east where she lives, and I can’t jump on a plane every time she falls. Or can I?

As I wrote last year in March when she fell several times “Old age isn’t for sissies…”

I picked these enormous grapefruit and oranges today in Helen's garden


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6 Responses to Peter Pan doesn’t want to get out of bed…

  1. Here’s to the beautiful, joyful, curious Gladys. I was thinking the other day how she once said I was “so full of fun” — a phrase that stayed with me. And I send it back to her with smooches and giggles. A kindred spirit. Be well, GR. And Rosie and all. xo

  2. Elizabeth Radl says:

    How is peter pan? What have the doctor’s determined? Has she gotten out of bed yet? She is such a strong woman! Bless her soul!

    • dearrosie says:

      Nice of you to write Elizabeth.
      My sister said that my mom doesn’t want to walk because in addition to the blisters on both feet that are causing her much pain, she has a very painful bunion on her toe; and as she’s very weak she has great difficulty getting out of bed, takes great effort to move each foot, and after taking a few steps, she’s exhausted and has to go back to bed…

  3. Priya says:

    “… her heart was fine for someone her age”. She’s Peter Pan, after all. The resilience and spunk she’s shown in her life is bound to keep her as fit as her heart permits. Which is fine, in any case! Lots of prayers for Peter Pan.

    • dearrosie says:

      Thank you for your prayers Priya. My Mom went to boarding school “from the age of seven” and while her sister, older by 3 years, sat knitting, my Mom’s spunk took her to the sports fields where the nuns insisted the girls wear long skirts, even doing the long jump…

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