Museum Musings: what a week this week of 1’s

1.11.2011 at 1.11 but while setting the close-up on my camera, I missed the 11 by seconds…

What a week.

All I need to say about the mass shooting in Arizona last weekend was expressed so eloquently by President Obama at the Memorial Service. Speaking about the youngest victim, Christina Taylor Green, who was born on 9/11 he said,

“I want America to be as good as she imagined it.”

Amen, Mr President!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti. I recommend Betty Londergan’s blog, One Year later, Hope for Haiti for a positive story on the island.

Devastating floods in Australia and Brazil. An Australian tourist told me that it hasn’t rained in over fifty years in the desert, but after the recent rains the area erupted into a brightly colored carpet of flowers: a miracle to think of the seeds laying dormant all those years, but ready to bloom in an instant.

little flowers on the tree

It’s spring here.

Annette and I ate lunch together in the garden next to these little white flowers.

Sorry I don’t know the name of the tree…



Yesterday at a Satellite store a woman told me, ” I love your glasses,”
“And I love your accent,” her friend said.
“Thank you,” I said, not sure what to say

This afternoon another woman said, “Aren’t you cute? I like your glasses.”
“Thank you,” I said, I was wearing a beret Josee gave me

This evening I went to WholeFoods on my way home, the lot was full, I was lucky to get the last parking space. “Why’s there no parking?” I asked the parking attendant who was standing outside the front entrance, “Are they having a party here tonight?”

He looked up at the sky and said, “Yes,”

“Thank you,” I said, I know he didn’t like my accent, my glasses, or my hat.


I don’t know why Hispanics have trouble with my accent. Some years ago when we were fortunate to live near the marvelous bakery chain, eatZi’s, their “herb bread” was one of our favorites, but whenever I asked for a loaf of “herb bread” the people behind the counter couldn’t understand me. “We don’t sell that kind of bread,” they said. I’d have to point to it on the shelf.


It’s 85 degrees today. I’m going hiking.

Leo playing in the snow in Halifax, Nova Scotia. January 2011 (Photo credit: C. Fox) .

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10 Responses to Museum Musings: what a week this week of 1’s

  1. Mahalia says:

    Leo’s such a cutie! We are enjoying our snow here in Toronto – cross country skiing in the city’s park system, what a treat!

    • dearrosie says:

      It must be lovely to cross country ski close to home in the city’s parks especially as it means not having to drive miles to get to the snow.
      Leo is cute – love his red cheeks.

  2. Boris says:

    Accent? You have an accent? and yes, I heard about how cute you look in beret and glasses…Did you know that poverty, corruption and damage from earthquakes correlate strongly? The poorer the society, the more corruption and the larger the likelihood that damage caused by quakes will collapse buildings that could have been built better but weren’t because some official got paid off to look the other way while the crooked builder mixed too much sand in the concrete, skimped on the cement and left out the reinforcing so when it gets wet the walls turn into cottage cheese. And then there’s poverty where the same thing happens without the help of corruption.

  3. dearrosie says:

    Boris it makes me angry and frustrated to read what you said! Isn’t there something the poor can do to stop the corruption? Is Haiti being rebuilt with too much sand in the cement and cottage cheese walls?

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Rosie!! I am so happy to still be writing — obviously, I can’t stop! I wish I could hear your accent — and see your groovy beret! And I’m madly in love with Leo …what a cutie-pie!!!
    xoxxo b

    • dearrosie says:

      I’m so glad you’re still writing your blog Betty.
      I too am in love with Leo, and am so happy to share his photo with the world. (Many thanks to his Mom for allowing me to use it.)
      As for my accent, we have to meet one day don’t you think…?

  5. Ursula says:

    Hi Rosanne: This morning I had a chance to look at your blog. Do I have the right blog? Is this your blog? It is absolutely wonderful how and what you are writing about. Thanks for giving me the information. I will frequently check on your blog. Your writing is so free and engaging.
    See you soon, Ursula

  6. Robert Millard says:

    BONES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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