Museum Musings: we don’t sell snow-globes, souvenir spoons, or shot glasses

After the Rose Parade several tour groups of retirees from places like Texas and Alabama came to the museum and told me how much they loved the parade, “Even though it was so cold!”

It was COLD as you can see from the snow capped San Gabriel Mountains east of L.A., which in this small photo, and with my basic camera lens, looks like clouds, but that layer of white is a thick layer of snow.

San Bernadino Mountains covered with snow

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period I’m sure I must’ve served people from every one of the United States, and all parts of the world ie U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, S. America, Guatemala, Belize, S. Korea, South Africa, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Turkey…  etcetera

  • I congratulated the Texas Christian University supporters, young and old, easily identifiable in their college sweatshirts, and they all acted as if they’d scored the winning goal…
  • Sylvie, who lives near Pisa, in Tuscany, gave me her card, and invited me to visit her. Thank you I’d love to come.
  • Clare, mid 20’s, from Melbourne who’s on a 10-week round-the-world trip. Alone…

they’re from Columbia

  • as always, many French, and Spanish speaking tourists. Je parle un petit peu, but I still have to learn Spanish.  Note to self…!
  • in the middle of a long exchange in Spanish between a couple from Venezuela, I heard the word “cash“.  I wonder whether it’s used like the French word “le-weekend”?
  • Rosanne from Nova Scotia. I don’t often meet women with my name.

High five to suck her thumb 

  • A very elegant Professor of Medicine from Moscow, who only spoke “a leetle English
  • I spotted these two having a picnic lunch yesterday

the picnic

a tee-shirt sighting:

Keep calm
and have some pie

“Because I’m the family baker,” said the man. He told me all about the fruit pies he bakes, and explained how his love of pies comes from his childhood, “I’m one of three boys. On our birthdays my mother baked two pies, one for everyone to share, and one just for the birthday boy.”

And finally, remember the story about Duck vill that I found at a Satellite store the day after Christmas?

This is a photo of the cover. The book’s still waiting to be claimed.

Cat’s Paradise

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