Museum Musings: day after Christmas


Pasadena’s ready for the Rose Parade

It was busy at the Satellite Store yesterday, now that the pressure of Christmas (gifts and the meal) are behind us, I’ve noticed that everyone’s much more relaxed.


Solara (which means "sunshine") and her Dad

Someone left their new blank note-book “Cat’s Paradise” on a shelf at my satellite. It was blank except for this page:

Once upon a time

Once upon

a time there

was a vill






so good BUT one…

Unfortunately, that’s all. I hope whoever lost the book can remember her story and start it again, I’d love to know what “Duck vill” does…

All these years I’ve worked at the Museum, and especially since I started this blog, there have been many occasions I wanted to photograph the people, I don’t know why I didn’t, perhaps I just assumed I wouldn’t get permission, and many times I wished I had a hidden camera under my jacket, you know like Walker Evans used on the New York subways in the 1930’s and 40’s, but I never thought of simply asking, “Could I take your photo?”  In the past few weeks I’ve discovered folks are delighted to not only tell me their stories, but to pose for me.

Chelsea is nine, and loves art

Jason from Minnesota


Jason is eight years old. I told him I could see he was very smart and asked him what his favorite subject was at school.

“P.E”, he said looking at his Mom who laughed. He  bought the same artist’s mannikin as Chelsea, so I know he likes art.


Frank saw a puzzle on my shelf earlier but when he came back I’d sold it, and unfortunately it was the last one. I tried to find a substitute for him and even though he didn’t buy anything, he was grateful for my help and said he’d like to give me a hug.

“I’ll take your photo instead,” I said. “So I can show Mr F someone wanted to hug me.”

He pulled out his cell phone and took my photo.




Pedro, originally from Spain, but now lives in San Fran, told me he always sews his own pants, including these pantalons. Aren’t they great?

I know we’re going to see his name in the fashion industry one of these days… so remember you saw him here first.

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We think we need so much, when all we really need is time to breathe. Come walk with me, put one foot in front of the other, and get to know yourself. Please click the link to my blog - below - and leave me a comment. I love visitors.
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10 Responses to Museum Musings: day after Christmas

  1. Like I’ve said SO many times before, LOVE your museum musings….
    but i’m worried about the writer of DuckVille, too. Hope she/he comes back !

    • dearrosie says:

      If I’d written a story, and then lost my note book I’d be heartbroken. I hope her parents think to phone the museum and check with the lost-and-found.
      I think the author’s a girl… can’t tell you why though.

  2. E fullstop says:

    I love that you’ve developed a rhythm for capturing people’s stories and faces, and that (at least from the reader’s perspective) you aren’t shy about it. It’s amazing to me that everyone who’s worked or currently works at the museum has always known that it’s a spectacular window to the world because of the sheer volume and variety of visitors…yet none of us has known what to do with that access. Your use of that access is simple and elegant and I enjoy the glimpses through that window that you afford your readers. I look forward to one day seeing a collection of these (including Pedro’s fabulous pants) in book form. Bravo, Rosanne!

    • dearrosie says:

      Sincere thanks from this humble writer for your encouraging words E fullstop. It’s very gratifying for me to know people “out there” are reading and enjoying my posts. A book eh?

  3. Priya says:

    I agree with you and Betty. Vill’s creator must find her (could be a he, too) book! Do let us know if that happens. It’s a good things you’ve started. All your museum visitors here look refreshingly human. Including the lady below, who’s taken her shoes off and is letting them rest a bit.
    There’s never a better thing than observing the diversity of humanity. I can say that with conviction now, because my interactions are limited through my virtual contacts. You have an extremely interesting job, Rosie!

    • dearrosie says:

      Thanks for writing Priya. You know, I think the story of Duck Vill was written by a girl because the front cover was so cutesy poo with pink kitties

      I didn’t ask permission to take the photo of the lady who took off her shoes because she would’ve stopped reading, put her shoes back on, and sat up straight saying “cheese”, and I wanted to share the way she was totally absorbed in the book. I also tried to photograph a guy sitting on the floor catching a quick nap, but every time I picked up the camera he opened his eyes and looked at me…

  4. boris says:

    Rosie, this is a great breakthrough. Your subjects are looking directly at the camera for us to engage with, and they could be the start of a very interesting catalog with your insight and record of the conversation. Keep it up!

  5. boris says:

    I wrote the above before reading E-Fullstop’s very well-expressed reflection, and I agree so much! Like she said, bring on the book. Brava cara Rosanna!

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