Museum Musings – the day before Christmas

Hello Santa



On Christmas eve, for more than a quarter century, a 62 foot tractor-trailer decorated with traditional festive scenes, and thousands of lights, drives down the streets in our neighborhood, accompanied by 200 singers and dancers who serenade us with Christmas carols.




A few of the people I met the day before Christmas:

  • “Well, you’ve done your Christmas shopping!” a 20-something guy said to me.
    Why? Because I’m behind the register?
  • Marianne, in the picture below, is playing with a “Scream” finger puppet on her right hand

Santa plays with a finger puppet

  • this is Julie who’s eight, her favorite subject at school is Science


  • Judy from Veracruz, who when she saw my name, called me Rosita, and sang Rosita del Olivo (Rose of Olives) to me,

Judy who sang for me

Rosita del Olivo
Blanca flor de azar
Cuando aya lugar
Mes salgo a la esquina
Pa verla pa sar
Aver si se duele
al verme llorar
por fin se dolio alfin pregunto
por quien lloro yo

I hope you’ll give me a little kiss,
I go to the corner to see you passing,
in the hope that you’ll feel sorry to see me crying …)

Unfortunately she was distracted and we didn’t finish. I hope my Spanish spelling is correct.

  • Roshan from Philly

nice Beret!

  • Punima from Delhi, who was tired and her feet were sore, enjoyed perusing the books I showed her

 she was relaxing

afternoon nap time

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2 Responses to Museum Musings – the day before Christmas

  1. linda goluboff says:

    Merry Christmas Wondering,
    I love the joy, the light and all the happy children.

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