Museum Musings: what’s with all this *weather*?

After frigid temps, freak ice storms, and blizzard conditions dumped tons of snow on Europe over the weekend,  many of the busiest airports shut down including Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, and Frankfurt in Germany, stranding hundreds of thousands of people, and causing unbelievable chaos.

I read in the Guardian that Britain’s Automobile Association received around 800 calls for assistance every hour over the weekend, and my brother-in-law who lives in London, said driving was so treacherous only two people, who came by “tube”, made it to their dinner party on Saturday night.

And here in Southern California, I had to drive through rivers to get to work this morning, because it’s been RAINING since last Friday, and the weather forecast is for it to continue all week, it’s damp and cold, and we’re all dressed in our warmest woolies and winter boots, so this afternoon when a couple walked past my register wearing shorts and flip flops, I had to comment

“Don’t you folks feel the cold?” I said, “Hah! I know, you obviously come from the North East!”

“North-west,” she replied

“Seattle,” he said

“I could tell you weren’t from here by your clothes,” I said

“It’s so balmy,” she said, “And we’ve seen people wearing boots and winter woolies,”

I laughed with them, and was glad they left without mentioning how I was bundled up in boots, warm sweater, and pashmina.

About an hour later another family walked in, also wearing flip-flops and shorts, the Chase’s from Portland, Oregon.

“Aren’t your feet cold?” I asked.

“Good lord this isn’t cold, ” said the Mom, “We’re used to rain like this, although I must say we’re frustrated that we came all this way for some nice weather and its been raining since Friday.”

“It’s very unusual for us to have so much rain,” I said.

“We’ve got the wrong clothes, we didn’t pack for rain,” she said.

When I asked permission to take a photo of their “shoes” they thought I was joking, “No, I’m serious ,” I said.

They posed for me…


The Chase family from Portland, Oregon (photographed this afternoon)

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2 Responses to Museum Musings: what’s with all this *weather*?

  1. E fullstop says:

    Well, one thing about bare feet is that they’re waterproof, which can’t be said of most shoes!

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