Museum Musings: its cold here too

All of you up in the snow belt can stop being mad at me, your silence about the recent heatwave here is giving me a headache! Today was cool and rainy and the weather folks have predicted more rain through Tuesday.


I hiked in Griffith Park on Monday



I met a girl from Naples, Florida who was on a school trip with the Gulf Coast Marching Band. Her name was Summer,


I served a couple from Finland. She told me that last summer was the hottest in over 60 years with temps in the 30 C’s, and this winter’s already the coldest in many years.


“Oh god this thing would drive me nuts if I had it in my home,” said the middle aged woman to her friend as she pressed the horrible “Screaming Scream” toy three times i.e. which meant she replayed the nasty recording three times!
Hello? How come people don’t realize that the dreadful noise that thing make’s drives me crazy?

You have no idea what it’s like when every single person walks into the little children’s store, and presses the wretched thing. Boys always press it two or three times, and one more time after their parents, tell them to stop it.
Don’t tell, but I usually *hide* them, when I work that store…


lunch time on Sunday

“I don’t know why I had to buy it, but now I feel guilty!” an eleven-year-old girl told her friend, as I gave her the kaleidoscope she’d just purchased for $8.95.


I sat in one of the break rooms this morning and watched the man filling the vending machines.
“What are people eating now?” I asked him.
“Not much,” he said, “In December and in June I hardly need to fill the machines,”

I wonder why?


I noticed that a man was wearing an England World Cup Football tee-shirt.
“Nice tee-shirt,” I said
“Pity the team was so rubbish,” he said.

last Thursday

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6 Responses to Museum Musings: its cold here too

  1. boris says:

    Very nice, Rose! – a good set of ‘snapshots’ of overheard dialog! And very nice pictures too!

  2. I love the British! They come up with the greatest phrases ever — like “the team is rubbish” and Tina Brown on TV (in reference to idiot Sen. Kyl playing the Jesus card so he wouldn’t have to vote for PEACE aka. the Start Treaty before leaving for Christmas) quoted the traditional headline in the dailies after such smarm — “Pass the sick bag, Alice.” Also loved the sweet girl who had buyer’s remorse after spending all of $8.95 on her kaleidoscope — hope she runs for Congress!

    • dearrosie says:

      Thanks for writing to tell me you noticed “the team is rubbish” quote Betty. British expressions are so different from American speak, and I agree it’s fun to look at the headlines in their papers.
      Kids often come back after 5 minutes and return what they bought, but the kaleidoscope girl kept her purchase.

  3. Priya says:

    I don’t know what Screaming Scream is, but I can’t stop chuckling at your plight, forgive me! The people you meet! It must be quite a fulfilling day, most days, no?

    The picture log is such a good idea. And a thoughtful one, too! Not everyone gets to see this transition. It is amazing how soon the leaves change their colour…

    I thoroughly enjoyed the post, thank you, Rosanne!

    • dearrosie says:

      Thank you Priya. I’ll take a photo of the dreaded *creature* specially for you, but I refuse to record the sound so you’ll have to imagine it.

      Yes my job is fun, and I get to meet interesting people every day, who are always happy to share their stories with me, because we do love to talk about ourselves.

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