Museum Musings: record breaking heat in L.A.


The Museum wasn’t very busy today, a high pressure weather system together with the warm dry Santa Ana winds, which always blow at this time of the year, brought record high temperatures in the mid-80’s to the L.A. region, breaking previous records set in the 1950’s, and sent everyone to the beach.


Her first name, according to her credit card was Holiday. “You’ve got a very unusual name,” I said to the 20-something woman, “But I’m sure you must be sick of people telling you that.”
“Yes, but I don’t mind…”
“Were your parents on holiday when you were born?”
“No,” she said, “My Dad who is Greek, was so excited the day I was born that he said today must be a special holiday, but as it wasn’t, I became the holiday.”
She told me her sister’s name is Star, and her brother is Orion.


I chatted with a couple from Istanbul who were so friendly, I decided to try out my Turkish and said,  “Merhaba,” hoping the Turkish teenagers I met last month hadn’t taught me a rude word. It was correct, but my pronunciation was dreadful, the “h” is silent, and the “r” is hard,  “Merrr-aba.”


Philippino tourist: “I don’t want to buy the whole book, it’s too much money. How much to copy just this one page?”


A group of Carolers sang a few Christmas songs in the main entrance.


Tourist: Where’s there a restroom?
Me: Downstairs
Tourist: Downstairs?
Me: Nodding yes
Tourist: If I go down the stairs will I see it?

T shirts:
T-shirt with a tie painted on it
Beijing Zoo
I’m pretty much one of the best people I know (boy of nine)
Fly Fisherman
It’s not that I forget/It’s that I don’t care

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