Europe under snow…

Heavy snow and ice, together with subzero temperatures, resulted in many major airports across Europe and England canceling flights yesterday and today.

My friend Barry who lives in the south of England, sent me this photo taken from his front door at 8:30 a.m today (December 2, 2010).

"The view from the front door" (photo credit Barry Barnett)

I met a Finnish tourist who told me that back home in Helsinki (the capital), they’d recently had a very early cold spell, with temperatures going down to  minus 15 C.  It was important to her that I understood she lived in the south.
“The north is so cold I could never live there,” she said
“You live in the Miami of Finland?” I said
She laughed. “That’s right. I do,”

The airport code for Helsinki is HEL


Bird of Paradise

And L.A? We had a couple of windy, cool days earlier this week, but the wind stayed away today and the sun felt warm and comforting on my back. I took these photos this morning

The B of P flowers weren’t at their best, but I managed to find a couple that looked more or less presentable.


view across the hills



the large olive green swath going across the middle is the winery in Bellair




sunny mild t-shirt weather


and as you can see from these school kids, we were wearing t-shirts today.




a few T-shirt sightings:
a plain T-shirt with a tie painted on it
Beijing Zoo
I’m pretty much one of the best people I know (teenage boy)
Fly Fisherman
It’s not that I forget/It’s that I don’t care


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5 Responses to Europe under snow…

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  2. Corilee says:

    When people in Vancouver go travelling and get that “oh you’re from the great white north” they’re always quick to point out that, no, they live on the *west coast* where it only rains. I guess i was one of those too once, now i take pride in the fact that i shovel snow :-).

    • dearrosie says:

      Thanks for sharing the snow distinction with us Corilee. What’s going on in the great white north where you live? Are you also under snow? We’d love to see a photo of the view from your front door

      I wonder whether folks who live in cities like Seattle and Portland OR also make sure to let everyone know they don’t shovel snow like the suckers on the east coast?
      (Don’t tell anyone but arctic winds blew down the west coast this week -even reaching us in S. CA-, and I believe it dumped *s*n*o*w* in B.C., Washington, OR…)

  3. linda goluboff says:

    I would love to live in L.A. I really like the climate and the smell of the ocean.
    Also, the bird of paradise is my favorite flower.
    While growing up in LA they grew very high and large, and so many.

  4. dearrosie says:

    I too like the climate here and the smell of the ocean.
    Do you think the B of P plants were higher and larger when you were growing up in LA?

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