e & j’s wedding under the trees in Cold Water Canyon

she said, "I do..."

(All the photos by Mr F)

Born in Manilla and Milan, emigrating to Los Angeles the same year,  and after “true-loving” (I love that expression of my grandmother’s, it’s so much nicer than, “dating” or “living together”)  for ten years, my dear friends Edith and Jolly finally took the big step, and were married last weekend.

view to the south


It was a lovely, simple wedding under the pines at Coldwater Canyon Park – which is right on the crest of the hill where Coldwater Canyon meets Mulholland Drive.

The ceremony was delayed almost an hour because one of the groom’s sisters, who was bringing their Mom and Dad in her car, got lost and ended up miles away at the wrong canyon.

If you don’t know them, the little twisty roads in the Los Angeles hills can be very confusing.  Our friends Donna and Art live on a hill in the Washington Heights neighborhood, and both the GPS, and Mapquest, have led me to a road that ends in a solid wall of rock. (I guess there was supposed to be a road cut through the mountain?)  Of course I panicked… but anyway that’s not part of today’s blog.

We didn’t mind the delay, because it was such a beautiful, peaceful spot under the trees, and we really enjoyed the music, although, between you and I, none of us cared that much for the uninvited guests – the gnats – or the way the bloody bugs settled on us as soon as we stopped moving, and sat down. The thoughtful couple had left bug spray for us to use. And use it we did.

the musicians

the bride walks down the "aisle"

Edith, looking exotic and gorgeous in her Mother’s wedding dress (made by her grandma Rivka for her parents 1968 wedding), and with a lovely little hat perched on her head, walked down the aisle accompanied by her Mom and Dad.

Kyle, the Best Man

Colin, the ring bearer

Colin the ring bearer, took his job very seriously. He held the branch perfectly still during the ceremony, and carried it carefully down the hill afterwards.




During the ceremony the groom, stood between his Best Man (possibly the youngest ever) and the ring bearer

the Officiant conducts the service

I loved the way e & j recited their marriage vows. There was a rhythm to it, a question and answer between them, he said something, while looking in her eyes, she replied looking back at him,  he said something on a deeper level, and she replied… Beautiful, honest, meaningful.

reciting their vows


I feel marriage vows are too personal to put on a public blog, so I’ve left them up there blowing in the wind.


The marriage circle


After the wedding ceremony, Edith changed into a different pretty frock, and cute little hat with “leaves”, and a net that she pulled over her face.

Luckily the rain waited for us to move indoors, where we ate, drank, and were very merry.

the groom checks his i-Phone during the speeches


I learned during the speeches that Jolly’s  favorite food was chicken and rice, and he hated vegetables, but since he and Edith started dating, he’s been a vegetarian.

Interesting what we do for love ♥






The bride’s mother,  who is an accomplished pianist, played Frederic Chopin‘s Waltz no 14 & Impromptu Op. 51. No. 3 with so much love, and emotion – imagine playing at your daughter’s wedding –  that I wept. And I wasn’t the only one. Thank you Shoshi!


the bride's mother plays Chopin

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9 Responses to e & j’s wedding under the trees in Cold Water Canyon

  1. Julie says:

    Very unique wedding, the groom looks under dressed but i guess it’s what they were going for.

  2. Rachel says:

    Edith and Jolly are one of the most unique couples I have ever met. I was sad to have missed the wedding and the story of your experience along with the great photos helped to complete the day for me. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Congratulations Edith and Jolly! Much love and happiness.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  4. leabarozzi says:

    Beautiful! I love those two, thanks for the blog so I could see the wonderful photos!

  5. Julie Clark De Blasio says:

    Roseanne, thank you for the lovely overview of the wedding. What a wonderful to remember the day. The entire experience was touching, very in-the-moment, and stayed in Truth, Light, Love, and a Lifetime of Commitment!

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