Museum Musings: now that it’s fall…


peppers (photo credit C. Fox)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Canadian friends, and family


I haven’t written about the museum for a while. Now that the busy summer season’s over, it’s awfully quiet. We get a little bit of a rush on the weekends, but most of the time we stand and wait for something to happen…

Only one “10.10.10” bride yesterday. She and her three sisters, all beautifully dressed in their wedding finery, and carrying their flowers, came into the store and bought souvenirs. (I wished I could’ve taken their photo. The bride’s dress was fully beaded, very tight fitting, and rather low cut…)

5-year old Daniel asked, “Dad, can I have a book please. My brain’s hungry.”

The President of Croatia, and his entourage popped in a few weeks ago. They posed for an official photo outside the store.

A  United States sailor, who was maybe twenty, dressed in spotless whites, the shiniest black shoes I’ve ever seen, his cap in his hand, so we could see his very short haircut, and with a medal on his chest (which hung on a red-and-white-ribbon), walked around the store with his young wife.  I don’t know whether he was from the US Navy, or US Marine Corps, which are both seaborne – he wore the beautiful old-fashioned sailor shirt with the large collar – and I wondered whether the color of the ribbon on his medal has a special significance, but I didn’t get a chance to speak to him because he didn’t purchase anything.

Paul C’s niece Hilary brought me greetings from her uncle. Bonjour Paul!

We’re not a drug store. A guy who was struggling to carry his big camera, small squirmy child, and large “diaper bag” asked if we sold diapers. I thought he was going to weep when I said, “No, sorry.”

An Australian couple bought a gift for Stacy, “…who would be a nice girl if she wasn’t marrying our son,” they said.

During one of the busy periods a middle-aged woman reached in her bra to get her money. What a shame I couldn’t photograph the man standing next to her in the line…

Tee shirts:

I’m not angry
I’m from Philly

In dog years


Iggy and friend at 3rd Street Mall, Santa Monica



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  1. Love your museum posts .. so vivid, and I always feel like I’m in the middle of a short story — I just want you to finish the story! Hey, there’s an idea for a book — you should just make up the rest of these people stories, and write them like a book! xooxox B

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