33 Chilean miners to be rescued soon?

Good news from the global rescue effort to save the thirty-three men trapped 2,300ft underground in the San Jose gold and copper mine in Chile. After being trapped for 65 days, yesterday morning the “Plan B” drill broke through the last bits of rock into a part of the mine accessible by the trapped miners.

Chile’s mining minister said this morning that a video inspection of the newly drilled escape tunnel shows the walls will need only partial reinforcement before an attempt will be made to pull them to safety, and hopes to start on Wednesday

The 33 trapped miners who have now been down the mine longer than anyone created a micro-society to help them stave off boredom and keep their sanity, and have taken on roles they never had before: priest, doctor, poet, TV presenter, foreman.

Victor Zamora who until now had never written anything, wrote a poem during the first 17 days they were trapped down the mine:

Arriba el Animo – Our spirits are high
We have to organize ourselves
We have to plan together and pray
Ask god that the bore hole arrives in time
Three weeks go by and this noise doesn’t stop
One bore hole goes by us
Another only half way down
Listen to me god we can’t take anymore
Chile we are in your hands

Once they are rescued more unexpected troubles await them.  At least five women at the rescue site have discovered that their partners had another wife and children. One miner has four women fighting over him.


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3 Responses to 33 Chilean miners to be rescued soon?

  1. I never heard that about the duplicitous guys down below … what a way to find out!! yikes .. those guys better duck and cover when they come up!
    great post!

  2. dearrosie says:

    Have you heard about the rescue? Each man must spend about 20 minutes spinning in the dark in a narrow capsule.

    According to the UK Telegraph:

    “… because of the speed of the ascent the men have been taking aspirin since Sunday to prevent blood clots, and will wear a belt that monitors heart rate and body heat, and a special suit to maintain their body temperature. They will go from temperatures of about 90F (32C) underground to near freezing if they emerge at night.

    The miners have been put on a high-calorie diet designed by Nasa to prepare them for the 20-minute ride through the 2,051ft shaft.

    The liquid food enriched with potassium and magnesium should prevent nausea as the capsule spins 350 degrees some 10 to 12 times through the shaft at a speed of up to three feet per second.”


    oh my god…

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