for teenage girls

This is something every teenage girl should see.

[my thanks to Jolly for sharing this with me]

Watching the video reminded me of the American photographer Lauren Greenfield whose photographs of American girls show the stresses faced by today’s young women: their love-hate relationship with the mirror,  with wearing the perfectly correct clothes in a perfect body, and the pressure of peers as a source of authority.

In her book Girl Culture, (2002) the photos are accompanied with frank first-person monologues some of which will make you squirm: Six year-old Lilly who “feels geeky if I don’t dress well”, 12-year-olds being weighed at weight loss camp,  12 year-olds from Minnesota “who wear a lot of makeup and only buy their clothes from six stores”, and the clothes girls wear to graduation, to their 15th birthday parties, to lap dance in Vegas…

If you live in S. California, Lauren Greenfield is one of the photographers in the current exhibition at the Getty Museum: “Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the Sixties“. Go see it.

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2 Responses to for teenage girls

  1. hooray rosie! lately I’ve been wondering (prompted, in part, by a full house cleaning, top to bottom, due to infestation of carpet beetle – ew!) whether I shouldn’t just give up my addiction to clothes (shoes, bags, etc.). it costs so much money and eats up so much of my time. deeper truth is that I’m just like the little girl, I don’t feel right going out unless I’m dressed. maybe it’s time to be a crazy artist girl (50+) and wear whatever I want to wear. and pare that down to a very thoughtful collection. a few pieces. none of which bugs like, but which I adore…

  2. bronxboy55 says:

    I wish there were some way every girl in the world could see that video. I’m sure a similar film could be made for boys. The perfect image so many people are chasing is the result of lighting, makeup, retouching, and a swarm of beauty professionals. I wonder if there’s a full-length documentary that addresses this topic.

    Thanks, Rose, for an excellent post.

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