Let’s do it, let’s stop using plastic bags!

Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran made from 12,500 plastic bottles sailed into Sydney, Australia July 26, 2010, after a 128 day journey. British adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild and his crew sailed from San Francisco to bring attention to conditions of our oceans and the amount of plastic debris in the Pacific.


The Guinness Book of World Records named the plastic bag the most ubiquitous consumer product of 2009, as it is produced on a worldwide scale by the trillions, just to be thrown away.

Do you know how many plastic bags are used each year just in California? 19 billion. That’s Nineteen BILLION!  Of which only about 5% are recycled. Most of the bags, like the plastic bottles (which I wrote about in my earth day post on April 22 2010) end up in the Great Pacific Garbage patch

Watch this 4-minute mockumentary produced byHeal the Bay,and narrated by Jeremy Irons, about the life of a plastic bag.

Are you confused whether to use paper or plastic? Use neither. Invest in reusable bags. Read this article on the real cost of single use bags

State agencies in California spend $25 million every year to clean up plastic single-use bags that end up in our waste stream.

In 1994, the County of Los Angeles spent $4 million alone to clean up 31 miles of trashed coastline.

If you live in California and want to help end to plastic pollution, tell your Senator to support the AB 1998 at http://www.HealtheBay.org/BagBill

What is AB 1998? It will create one uniform policy across California for addressing all types of single-use bags to encourage consumers to use reusable bags, the most sustainable alternative. If passed, AB 1998 would

  • Ban single-use plastic bags at supermarkets, convenience stores and large retail establishments with pharmacies. The ban would not apply to bags used to carry bulk items, produce or raw meat to the checkout.
  • Limit the distribution of paper bags at these stores to encourage consumers to use reusable bags
  • Require reusable bags be available for purchase at these stores instead of using single-use carry out bags

[Thanks to Edith from Tree People for forwarding me the Heal the Bay video].

Mussels from these waters


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4 Responses to Let’s do it, let’s stop using plastic bags!

  1. Okay, that does it! I’m never, EVER going to leave my recyclable bags in the car again … I hate the idea of the Great Pacific Garbage Dump so much, I can’t stand it! Plastic sucks!!!

  2. E fullstop says:

    Thanks for spreading the word!

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