Dear President Obama

President Obama steps off Air Force One at Los Angeles International Airport

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Dear President Obama,

Do you remember me? I’m Rosanne. When Michelle asked us to send you a birthday greeting, I wrote a lovely message in your birthday card. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I’m really impressed that you managed to raise one million dollars for the “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee” from a little party with two hundred people at “West Wing” and “ER” producer John Well’s Los Angeles home last Monday (August 16, 2010).

Congratulations Sir. The November election isn’t far off now, and the Democrats need all the money they can get.

Traffic in L.A. is bad. We who live here know that.  But the secret service closed off so many streets on Monday evening, that your little trip from the hotel in Beverly Hills to the party in Hancock Park, ended up being a nightmare for us stuck in our cars going nowhere in the gridlocked streets.

I didn’t work on Monday – lucky me – but I know all about it, because my Mr F was in one of those cars that sat in unmoving traffic for 45 minutes.

rage (photo credit Barry Barnett)

As for your departure from L.A,  all of us who work in the Museum store were late for work on Tuesday morning. I clocked in at 33 minutes past nine, which meant I was 33 minutes late, which meant half-an-hour off my very modest hourly wage. And oh my god that bumper to bumper slow motion traffic sure eats up gasoline.

Mr President I’d like to ask you a favor. Please sir, next time you come to Los Angeles consider the working people. We’d all appreciate if you didn’t have to travel across our busy streets during *rush hour*. And if you have to arrive in the late afternoon, or leave in the early morning could you possibly fly across town by helicopter?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



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2 Responses to Dear President Obama

  1. E fullstop says:

    Amen, sister!

  2. The question is — why is he flying in and out of LAX? why wouldn’t he go to one of the many private airports where they could control what’s going on, and have a lot more privacy, and then be whisked unobtrusively to where he’s going?
    Somehow — I have no idea how because I never would have predicted it — the Obamas seem to be totally out of touch with EVERYTHING on the ground. Michelle shutting beaches in Spain and living the high life when 1 out of 10 Americans are out of a job?? Taking 8 vacations in 1 summer? Obama screwing up traffic for all of LA to fundraise? Who the hell is giving them counsel? It’s just a bad, bad scene … and for somebody who seemed to be able to control all his publicity and his organization, he’s looking mighty out of touch — great column, Rosie!!!

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