Museum Musings: why are there so many…?

“Why are there so many French people here today?” an American woman asked me.
“It’s August. And Europe’s ‘en vacance‘.” I told her.

T shirt:  Don’t forget to love yourself…

“Can you direct me to the main Museum?” said a teenage boy who spoke English with a foreign accent.
“Are you looking for the main store?” I asked him.
“No! The main museum.”
“The museum’s through there,” I pointed to the gallery next to my satellite store.
When he walked away the woman standing in front of my register raised an eyebrow.  I shrugged, “Did you understand what he wanted, because I didn’t!” We both laughed.

It was nice to share a funny moment in my day with a stranger at my cash register. My newest friend is Jill Baker from Florida. She was visiting the museum with her two daughters, and her aunt.

Her older daughter took our photo, but we were laughing so much I forgot to ask her her name. Sorry.

my new friend Jill Baker from St. Augustine, Fla

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