the nice customer at Roxanne’s cash register

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I haven’t been to yoga since I fell in June, and my body was crying for some TLC so I went to my favorite gentle class at  Yoga Blend today.  After I parked my car outside the yoga studio, I noticed a young woman ride up in a bike.  In L.A. no one rides bikes, and she was even wearing a crash helmet. I complemented her. She told me she doesn’t own a car and goes everywhere by bike. I was more impressed when she told me where she lives – she’d ridden all the way up the hill in the heat to go to a yoga class.

While we waited to go into the room she said to me, “Have you ever shopped at the Trader Joes in Studio City? I work as a cashier there and I think I recognize you.”

“It’s not my neighborhood branch, but I’ve gone there once or twice after my acupuncture appointments (which are around the corner).” I said.

She’s Roxanne from Trader Joes whom I wrote about  on July 16, 2010

She didn’t remember that we had almost the same name, but recognized me as that “nice customer at her register after a morning of horrible people”.  Moi? Merci ….


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2 Responses to the nice customer at Roxanne’s cash register

  1. Jeremy says:

    Quite a coincidence!

  2. Mahalia says:

    aww, that is so nice! did you tell her about some other people you know who get around by bicycle?

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