car wash woes…

the Lancia we drove in Italy last year

When I woke up this morning I decided that this would be *car wash* day.  I know some people who get their cars cleaned every week, or every second week. Not me. Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t remember the last time I took mine in.  The poor car was so dirty that I paid the extra to have a more thorough cleaning.

It took half-an-hour. When the guy was finished and waved my keys to call me, I didn’t need to get into the car to smell the deodorizer, “Did you spray my car with the ‘air freshener’?” I asked him.

“Oh no!” he said,

They are supposed to ask you first before they spray…

Even though I drove around doing my errands with the windows open, it didn’t take long for me to feel nauseous, so I went back to the car wash. The woman in the office passed me off to the manager of the day, Rafael. He put his head in the car, sniffed, and said he didn’t smell anything. He insisted that they first ask before spraying the cars, and advised  me to buy one of those air freshener things that hangs from the mirror.

“I’m allergic to those sprays and things you hang in the car.” I said,  “They’re poisonous, and really bad for you, besides which they *stink*.”

He obviously didn’t think there was anything wrong with air fresheners, certainly wasn’t interested in my allergies, and kept insisting that there wasn’t any spray in my car,  so I left.  My last stop before home, was at the dry cleaners. I asked the woman serving me if she had any advice. She said to find a deodorant I like, and spray the car with it. My word, the car would be so full of chemicals, I really wouldn’t be able to drive it.

I’ve been home over an hour and I still feel nauseous.  Does anyone out there have any advice for me?


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3 Responses to car wash woes…

  1. linda goluboff says:

    hi wondering rose,
    i do no get my car washed very often,but when i do it always seems to rain.


  2. Mahalia says:

    oi. no useful advice, other than opening windows and airing it out really really well. i find that even new car smell, like in rental cars, makes me sick. i hope someone knows a way to neutralize the chemicals! this would be useful for many people, i think.

  3. Mahalia says:

    ps: how about baking soda? it absorbs odors in fridges, after all…

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