5.4 earthquake near Borrego Springs

5.4 Quake Centered Near Borrego Springs

5.4 Quake Centered Near Borrego Springs (KTLA News)

Another earthquake hit southern California this week. A magnitude 5.4 which struck at 5:53 p.m on Wednesday July 7th about 28 miles south of Palm Springs was felt across a large area – high rises in both Los Angeles and San Diego swayed – but we didn’t feel a thing at the Museum. Thankfully the epicenter was in a remote area, so it didn’t cause any major damage.
Earlier this year seismologists said the number of earthquakes greater than magnitude 4 in Southern California and Baja California had increased significantly in 2010, but they haven’t been able to fully explain the rise.

taking out the stitches

I had the stitches taken out my knee today. It looked red and nasty to me, but the doctor thought it was healing well…  He told me I should avoid yoga for at least two more weeks, that it’s going to take about 6 months before the scar’s fully healed,  and suggested I put on an ointment to aid the healing.
“Which one?” I asked.
“The are many in the drug store, but a plastic surgeon once told me that ‘Preparation H‘ (the one without hydrocortisone) is one of the best creams for scarring,” he replied.

the stitches are out


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4 Responses to 5.4 earthquake near Borrego Springs

  1. Mahalia says:

    borrego springs: i hope the sheep and the gorgeous california palms are ok!

    scar/wound healing: many options that the doctor didn’t know to tell you about!
    top 2:
    – comfrey & calendula for healing and decreasing inflammation (as long as the wound is fully closed)
    – for decreasing scarring specifically, we hear that rose hip oil is great, and vitamin E. topical tumeric extract is good too (is actually good for everything)

    • dearrosie says:

      I also hope the beautiful California palms are OK!

      Thanks for the scar/wound healing options. I’ve never heard of Vitamin E topical turmeric extract!?

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