Museum Musings…

Jacaranda trees can be enormous  

“I didn’t think I’d enjoy Los Angeles at all,” said Nicole, visiting from Ottawa, with her husband and two daughters. “But I really love it. It’s such a beautiful city.”


“Now that’s a name I’ve never seen before,” said Julian at the register next to me, looking at a woman’s credit card.
I looked. Her name was “Cricket.
“Is that your real birth name?” I asked her
“My granny gave it to me. I was a 6 pound baby in a family of 10 pounders,” she said.
“Really? You must’ve been teased as a child with that name,” Julian said
“Oh yes!!!” she said


“We were just here,” she said
“No we weren’t. This is different.” he said
“I’m telling you we’ve been here already. Don’t you remember? We sat on those chairs opposite the store.”
“No, no this is a different gallery,” he said
They walked into the gallery, and immediately walked out. “I told you. Why don’t you ever listen to me.” she said.
He pretended to be busy with his iPhone.


A middle-aged couple from Florida told me they’d been in L.A. for three days and had already experienced two things they had never seen before:

  • a 5.7 earthquake in San Diego. “It shook the bed…!” said the wife, her eyes big like saucers
  • outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, police cordoned off an area because they’d found a suspicious package, which turned out to be a bomb.  “A real bomb!” the man said


Recent T-shirt sightings:

  • Nescafe on front. Life is good on back
  • Tell me 1 Secret Thing
  • Enjoy coke
  • Please don’t touch
  • Sex, love and Sausage Rolls



A Jacaranda “mural”

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2 Responses to Museum Musings…

  1. I’m so happy I know that those are Jacaranda trees! I always used to call them fake wisteria trees — this is so much nicer!!

  2. Dinah says:

    They have them in Spain, too! It made me feel at home.

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