The World Needs Soccer

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German fans rejoice in their  4-1 victory against England

The Museum breakrooms are all abuzz with soccer talk. Whether from Mexico, Chile, Brazil, England, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, or France, the multi-cultural Museum staff members have been preoccupied with the World Cup Soccer games on TV  for the past two weeks.  Each supports the soccer team of his or her birth country with staunch loyalty in the hope that their team will be this year’s champion, and their excitement is contagious.

I don’t know much about the games – it’s is the first time I’ve followed the World Cup avidly – but I finally understand how soccer unites the world. Mr F was in Costco today around noon. It was eerily quiet. Weird. This is Los Angeles, easy parking at Costco on a Sunday? And then he remembered: Mexico was playing Argentina in Johannesburg.

football match: Germany v England

Outside the stadium where Germany and England played

England suffered it’s worst defeat today against its old rival Germany, and the worst result ever at a World Cup, and this on a Sunday evening with every pub in Britain filled with fans watching the game. How long will it be before Fabio Capello (manager of the English team) is forced to resign?

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Agentina’s Demichelis (R) vies with Mexico’s Franco at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

The American, English and Mexican teams are going home, while the Ghanaians, Germans and Argentineans around the world are celebrating with much flag waving and tooting on their vuvuzelas, but none (as far as I know) are expressing their frustration or elation by throwing rocks into selected shop windows or burning police cars.  Unlike the black-clad “protesters” at the site of the G20 meetings in Toronto (“the City that Works”). Their ugly and obviously premeditated expression of  (what?) appears bone-headed and uninformed, dumb-as-a-bag-o-hammers, primitive and old-school, inarticulate and likely to change absolutely nothing. Nothing except the level of police forces deployed and repression used that will no doubt preoccupy the world media and citizens of that city. Nothing except increase the level of disinterest in their ’cause’ and raise the focus on their idiotic actions. The net result: making it harder for most people to use that normally functional city, to travel the subways and streetcars and live their lives. Is there a message here?

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A Mexico fan in Johannesburg cries after Argentina beat Mexico 3-1   June 27, 2010. REUTERS/Jorge Silva


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3 Responses to The World Needs Soccer

  1. The Vision of a Champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, and the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching.

  2. how does Toronto make it into the ‘most popular’ box on huffington post’s front page? by hosting a bunch of rabble rousers… sigh.

    the world is not a better place because of this meeting or the protesters. just poorer. that’s why I love the million small positive, constructive, hopeful acts that people do. that’s where real change happens.

  3. linda goluboff says:

    it was a great experience.
    your photos are always like reading a book.
    thank you ever so much

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