2010 World Cup: Is anyone enjoying the vuvuzelas?

Vuvuzelas have been annoying us since 1660

Vuvuzelas have been annoying us for hundreds of years, but the blast on a single horn cannot be compared to the din of 90,000 football fans blowing their horns in a World Cup frenzy.

I wonder whether any of the spectators in the stadiums are protecting their hearing by wearing ear plugs?

After hundreds of TV viewers around the globe complained that the swarm-of-bees sound from the plastic horns was stinging their ears,  Host Broadcast Services, the company that provides the broadcast feed for the World Cup, last week doubled its audio filters to reduce the constant blaring buzz of the vuvuzelas.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter continues to back the use of the horns because “it is something that is uniquely African”, and he is not willing to ban the music traditions of fans in their own country.

And where are all the hundreds and thousands of horns being made? In China. 30 cents each.

Most manufacturers called them “fan horns” until Chinese state TV recently christened the horns with a name Chinese speakers could get their tongues around, “wuwuzula”.

I read an article in today’s L.A. Times that an American living in the German city of Weiden was so fed up with the constant droning from his neighbors vuvuzelas, he threatened to kill them with an ax. German prosecutors are contemplating whether to bring charges against him.


Ghana defeated the United States team 2-1 today.   Boo hoo.

Maurice Edu

U.S. midfielder Maurice Edu at the end of Saturday’s 2-1 overtime loss to Ghana. (Stuart Franklin / Getty Images / June 26, 2010)

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4 Responses to 2010 World Cup: Is anyone enjoying the vuvuzelas?

  1. jeremy says:

    Haha, funny. I blogged about vuvuzelas today,too.

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  3. I’ve loved your posts on the World Cup ! In the last World Cup, we were in Istanbul for the first few weeks, and it was so great to walk down these ancient cobblestone streets and see everybody congregating outside in the restaurants, watching one little tv — and there were people from all over the world, completely engrossed! Then we were in London for the finals when GB was up against .. France? I don’t even remember but every single person was in a pub watching and I just had to go be a fly on the wall.. it was great! And your posts remind me of how much the world loves soccer – and how much this means to people around the globe!
    (i kinda like the bee hive of the vuvuzelas.. )

  4. i have the best possible explanation for the vuvuzelas – and NOT the fake explanation using the pictures of d*ck supports used by africans.

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