California primaries next Tuesday…

Lila the tap dancer

Part two of the California elections are a few days away. Both my mailboxes (i.e. regular letters and email inbox) are full of election advice, and political messages are being left on our answering machine every day.

We are voting for Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Board of Equalization, State Senator, State Assembly, Superior Court, Assessor, Supervisor, as well as 5 Propostions, and 1 Measure.

It’s part two of the State Assembly vote (I wrote about part 1 on April 9 and 13 of this year), two Republicans are spending millions of dollars in the primaries for the gubernatorial election, and another pair are staging a strong attack to oust 3-term incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer…

I needed to read the literature. I started by taking this morning’s L.A. Times to a coffee shop on Laurel Canyon.

Lila tap dancing in her big brother's shoes

Lila looks at her reflection in the window

I read the front page: the BP oil spill has reached Florida; the search for dead or suffering creatures in the Gulf is ‘daunting‘;  Turkey buried the 8 activists killed by Israeli commanders and “will never forgive Israel”;  “Baseball’s only human” – a story about a Baseball umpire’s “blown call”;  Rue McClanahan one of “The Golden Girls” died;  McDonald’s (the fast food chain)  is launching a major recall of about 12 million “Shrek” glasses because they’re contaminated with the metal cadmium; and the closest I got to the primaries was this: Anxious to retire U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Republican voters have to chose between ideological purity, and the ability to attract mainstream support in November…

that’s when Lila and her Mom sat at the table next to me. Lila, who is two years old, wanted to know my name, told me about her friends at school, and her big brothers, and spent a long time explaining that though her pink hat was perfect for sleeping, it wasn’t a tiara or a crown, and before she’d finished eating her muffin, “my favourite kind,” she told me, her mouth full of crumbs, and even though she was wearing her big brother’s sandals, she got down and demonstrated what she’d learned at dance class.

It was way more fun than reading the newspaper.


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One Response to California primaries next Tuesday…

  1. Josee says:

    Such a charming story!
    Such honesty and clarity!
    If only she was running (sigh!) ….

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