Museum musings: “What if?” asked the kid

A few days ago at the children’s store:

“What if someone were to steal something?” a boy of about 8 or 9 asked me

“He can’t.” I said. “I’m watching.”

“But what if he were to put something in his pocket like this…” he said, and picking up a box of markers, he demonstrated how he’d quickly slip it into his pocket

“He’d go to jail,” I said.

“No, he wouldn’t go to jail…” said the kid,

“Yes he would. I’m watching,” I reminded him.

“He wouldn’t get caught,” he said.

“You see that security guard over there? He’s also watching, and he’ll call the police.”

“Really?” he said

“What are you doing here? ” a teacher asked my young friend. “We’ve been looking all over for you. You were supposed to be drawing with your group,” and she led him away.

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4 Responses to Museum musings: “What if?” asked the kid

  1. Boris says:

    What if… You told him your grandfather was a famous detective??? (I’d be scared…)

  2. Jeremy says:


  3. Barbara says:

    Did he take the box of markers out of his pocket before his teacher led him away?

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