It’s spring up here

The early spring in the north this year was an unexpected gift for me. The air’s perfumed with a mixture of  sweet smelling bulbs, lilacs, and blossoms, and I find it breathtakingly beautiful to see the masses of bright colors in the front yards.

My favorite garden

My favorite garden: tulips, hyacinths, fritillaria, bluebells, a lilac, a Japanese Maple, and a Forsythia bush (it’s small yellow flowers are one of the first signs of spring up here).


These choice spring bulbs with nodding, bell-like flowers all come from temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They need a cool period to stimulate growth. Some are sweetly perfumed; others attract pollinating flies with a funky, carrion smell that for some people has a primal charm.

We’re spending the weekend at my sister’s cottage on the lake.  It’s raining and the mist is low on the water today…

I knocked on the front door of this house (near the cottage) to ask permission to photograph the garden, and the suspicious older man who came to the door instantly became friendly when he saw I wasn’t selling anything [hah!].

He told me the bulbs came from Holland, and he’d planted them 25 years ago.


We found trillium’s blooming along the path. Although they are one of the first wildflowers to come up in the spring, they hide under bushes, and aren’t always easy to spot




A white trillium serves as the emblem and official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario.  The large white trillium is the official wildflower of Ohio.[3]

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2 Responses to It’s spring up here

  1. E fullstop says:

    Lovely! Thanks for reminding us Angelenos that spring looks different in non-Mediterranean climates!

  2. Neville says:

    Love your blogs-keep them up! Lol

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