blowing ash…

          The eruption on 27 March 2010

In case you hadn’t heard, a volcano in Iceland -with the unpronounceable name of  Eyjafjallajökull [ay-yah-FYAH’-plah-yer-kuh-duhl] – began erupting on Wednesday, and because the sulphuric ash is being blown by prevailing winds across transatlantic air lanes, all of England and a large part of Europe have been declared no-fly zones, causing chaos in Europe.

If you can’t fly what do you do? 

  • Trains, buses, and channel ferries are all fully booked through Monday. I’ve been seasick many times on the English Channel Ferries, but I’ve never taken the train. I don’t like long, dark tunnels… 

Eurostar is a high speed passenger rail service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. The trains cross under the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.

Eurostar at St Pancras railway station.jpg
  • The Eurostar runs seventeen weekday London–Paris trains (twenty on Fridays), and eleven daily London–Brussels trains. Each train can carry 800 passengers. 
  • French car rental companies have stopped accepting bookings.
  • A group of desperate business people stranded in Belfast paid a taxi driver £700 to drive them 869 miles to London. The driver said it’s “only once in a lifetime you get a job like that.” 
  •  John Cleese stranded in Norway, unable to get himself a boat or train ticket, paid $5,100 for a taxi journey from Oslo to Brussels. He was accompanied by three taxi drivers on the 930 mile trip.
  • Polish officials will most probably have to postpone Sunday’s state funeral in Krakow for President Lech Kaczynskiand his wife Maria, because the world’s leaders (including President Obama) won’t be able to fly in.

At the museum we’ll be enjoying the company of the stranded passengers right through to next week. The last time I saw so many stranded people at my cash register was after 9-11.

How did we travel before airplanes?

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2 Responses to blowing ash…

  1. sometimes i think that we’d all better like where we’re living because some time soon we won’t be able to move around the way we do now. it’s like a game of musical chairs. glad you included an image with this post — some of the photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. go rosie.

  2. Mr. Bali says:

    Yes I agree with you Julia…

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