yesterday’s special election results- Who’s paying for all this?

Here are the results of yesterday’s election. Did I mention that we’re going to vote in June, and again in November for the same position?  I feel sorry for Rick, our mailman.

I thought we were in a recession. Who’s paying for all this?

excerpt from the Glendale News Press (April 13, 2010)

Democrat and Republican will compete for the seat in a runoff in June.

By Zain Shauk

Democrat Mike Gatto will face Republican Sunder Ramani in a special June runoff election for the 43rd Assembly District after the two beat their competition for the first in a series of elections for the same seat. Gatto got 10,584 votes and Ramani earned 10,403.

Gatto’s main Democratic rival, Glendale school board member Nayiri Nahabedian, got 7,298 votes.

The special primary election on Tuesday was the first of four elections that voters will face before the end of the year for the same office, with a runoff election between the top Democratic vote-getter and the lone Republican candidate set to take place on June 8, the same day as a partisan primary ahead of another election for the Assembly seat Nov. 2.

The special election was triggered when Paul Krekorian vacated the seat to serve on the Los Angeles City Council in December.

Ramani, a small-business owner was pleased with the results from a district where 47% of voters were registered Democrats, 25% Republicans and 23% declined to state a party affiliation.

About 16% of registered voters participated in the special election, far more than what was expected.


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