National Poetry month: Alfred Brendel

April is National Poetry month.  

There are several sites that will send you a poem a day for the 30 days. You can sign up with The Academy of American Poets at:

This poem by Alfred Brendel comes from Poetry International Web  (with thanks to Donna B)

When Christo had wrapped the Three Tenors 
on the balcony of La Scala 
the civilised world fell unnaturally silent 
Falsetto supplications 
barely audible 
through the sack-cloth 
were registered 
in horror and glee 
by opera-lovers attending the spectacle 
but where that desperate ear-splitting top-note 
issued from 
remained uncertain 
It may however be assumed 
to have come from the middle 
and more voluminous 
of the celebrities 
whose mummified contour 
began to quiver 
at his feet 
an envoy from the world’s freest country 
voiced his concern about such curbing 
if not gagging 
of human communication 
Opera-buffs will be pleased to learn 
that the wrapping 
in grey plastic 
of Robert Wilson and Peter Sellars 
halfway up Cologne Cathedral 
has been confirmed 
and will commence 
in due course

© Translation: Richard Stokes and Alfred Brendel

Life & Career

 I have a feeling some of my readers may have already written to tell me that I should re-check the poet’s name, because Alfred Brendel is an Austrian pianist. It’s true, and he is, but he is also a poet.

Alfred Brendel’s place among the greatest musicians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is assured. Renowned for his masterly interpretations of the works of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Liszt, he is one of the indisputable authorities in musical life today and one of the very few living pianists whose name alone guarantees a sell-out anywhere in the world he chooses to play.

“I am not exclusively a musician, as the past few years have clearly shown,” says Brendel. “I now lead a kind of double life. There has been an upsurge of my literary life with frequent poetry readings and Collected Poems in German and French. I am looking forward to my retirement from the stage to do more writing and lecturing”.

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