Tree People: Street Planting

Did you know that people drive slower down tree-lined streets?

This morning I went to help my friends Edith and Jolly plant trees on their street. The city of LA donated the 18 trees: Crape Myrtle, Magnolia and African Sumac, which are all drought-tolerant.

the street where we planted the trees

street where we planted the trees (photo by Tami Bahat)


The planting was organized through Tree People who showed us how deep to dig the holes for the trees, where to put the stakes, the special way to mound up the bark-chip mulch, and the correct way to water. 

correct way to stake the tree (photo by Tami Bahat)


When each tree was tied and correctly staked, we formed a circle around it, and sang a dedication. One of the trees was named after Julie, who recently died in a traffic accident. Her classmates dug her tree

Tree Dedication

Tree dedication (photo by Tami Bahat)


[Los Angeles has pledged to plant One Million Trees in the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign]


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2 Responses to Tree People: Street Planting

  1. Janet says:

    So good to hear this – I think tree planting is the most important thing we can do to improve quality of life in Los Angeles!

    • dearrosie says:

      I agree with you Janet. A few trees on a street is such a simple way to start improving our life in the cities. And it felt so good to be out there with all those dedicated diggers.

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