Betty’s 365 days…

I want to tell you about a remarkable American woman – Betty Londergan.  She always wanted to do “some good in the world”, and inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, came up with an idea to honor her parents by giving away the small inheritance they’d left her.

Every day for one year she’s going to give away one hundred dollars “to worthy causes, people, and organizations”, and write about it in a blog.

Betty started her blog, WhatGives365 on January 1st, 2010.  It’s a moving and inspiring read, with marvelous photos. Her daily $100 have gone all over the world: Food for Everyone in Mali, a plastic knee for amputees, Malaria in Africa, CARE an organization to educate girls…

Betty asks: Its like a dream come true. You write and tell me about your favourite cause, project or person and if I’m convinced, I’ll publish your post and donate $100 to your cause.

Reading through her blog I was interested to see that more than once we’ve written about the same organization. Kismet?  

On March 19 I wrote about the shoes the Museum collected for Haiti through the Soles4Souls organization. Betty wrote about Soles4Souls on January 7: the wife of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan who organized a shoe collection for Afghani kids. 

On March 13 I wrote about “Gendercide: or what happened to 100 million baby girls?”.  On March 15 she wrote Forget Sex in the City … Try Being Single in India.

Every day in India, 12 women will die in “bridal burning,” the murder of a woman for an inadequate dowry or to allow the husband to remarry. 

Yesterday I wrote about my mother, and quoted Bette Davis. Her charity today was HelpAgeUSA and she quoted the same Betty Davis quote. 

(I was interested to see that the HelpAgeUSA charity’s been working “for 25 years in 78 countries.”)


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2 Responses to Betty’s 365 days…

  1. Whoa — I think maybe we were separated at birth! I LOVE the synchronicity!!
    How is your mom doing?? When my dad was still alive, he started having little mini-blackouts sometimes at night and it scared him, so I’d take Lulu & we’d go spend the night on his sleeper sofa. And one of my favorite memories, however poignant, was when he’d wake up in the middle of the night, and call my name. I just love to remember that he knew I was there — and that I could be.
    Hope your mom’s doing well — and obviously, she’s no sissy, either!!!

  2. dearrosie says:

    at the end of the 365 days it’ll be interesting to see how many of us have been in synch with you!

    Love that you’d go spend those nights your Dad. A beautiful memory!

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