My mother

I think it was Bette Davis who said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.” 

My mother’s fallen several times in the last week. Last night she fell in her bathroom at the retirement home, and even though she wears an emergency-call-button thingie round her neck, she got confused about how to use it, and lay there for some time before she worked out to simply *press* the button.  It took two nurses, as well as the night security guard to get my little mother off the bathroom floor, and back into bed.

The poor woman’s bruised everywhere, but she told me this evening, “I’m not bruised. I’m just a little black and blue.”


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We think we need so much, when all we really need is time to breathe. Come walk with me, put one foot in front of the other, and get to know yourself. Please click the link to my blog - below - and leave me a comment. I love visitors.
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One Response to My mother

  1. margie says:

    she finds a way to be positive about everything. She wanted to learn how to do the Sudoku and after D and i each spent hours trying to show her, she still couldnt get it and finally said never mind, i dont know what you are talking about, i will do it my own way! and she keeps doing it and is thrilled the next day when she checks the answers and sees that she got some of it right!!

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