Julie and Julia – Bon Appetit

Mr F and I finally watched the movie Julie and Julia last night.  I’m not a film critic, but I thought Meryl Streep’s performance as Julia Child was “splendid”, and more than once I thought we were watching the legendary chef herself.    

I can’t imagine how Julie Powell managed to cook her way through the entire Mastering the Art of French Cooking as well as work full time, and commute from Queens. I thought I was doing a lot to write this blog after standing at work all day, and with an hour-long commute, but after work I don’t have to buy ingredients, and then stand at the stove cooking 524 recipes for 350 days.  

When I watched Meryl Streep with a mountain of onions next to her on the kitchen table as she perfected the art of chopping them (didn’t you love that scene?) I thought of  the magazine article I read recently, where she said she didn’t have any good food memories from her childhood: 

My mother had a lot of things she wanted to do, and cooking wasn’t one of them,” Ms Streep said. “When I was 10 I went to a friend’s house. She and her mother were sitting at the table doing something to tennis balls.  I asked them, ‘What are you doing?’ 
‘We’re making mashed potatoes,’ they said
‘What do you mean? Mashed potatoes come in a box,’ I said.
They were peeling potatoes. I had never seen a potato.”

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3 Responses to Julie and Julia – Bon Appetit

  1. Mahalia says:

    mom, i read this post this am, and all day i kept thinking, “how can someone not know what a potato looks like???”. i can’t believe meryl streep was one of those people! i also thought she was great in that role.

    thanks for sharing that story.

  2. jess says:

    if i was irish i would keel over at this revelation!

  3. margie says:

    jamie oliver would relate to this story. i guess you know he is in Huntington, West Virginia trying to get the people to eat real food – one family he went to help only ate frozen and boxed and canned food all in the same grey/brown colour. there was no fresh anything in sight and of course, there were the boxes of “mashed potatoes”.

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