Yoga – the 120th Day Celebration

Our yoga class this morning was a “120th Day Celebration“.   In Kundalini Yoga the connection that begins at conception is acknowledged, but the 120th day after conception is celebrated, because that’s the day “your soul comes to you“.

“The unborn soul connects with the pregnant mother through her navel on the 120th day, and until the cord is cut at birth all the mother’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings are transmitted to her unborn child, and become the basis of the baby’s subconscious mind, which is why pregnant women need to be in positive, peaceful, meditative environments.”

The mother to be, Carolina, was born in Uganda, and before moving to S. California lived in five countries including Russia, Yugoslavia, London. Among the multi-cultural group helping to ensure her baby’s soul was “radiant, powerful, full of love…” were people from across the United States, Russia, England, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, a German man on a week’s business trip in L.A., and two other pregnant women.

It was a beautiful, unforgettable experience for all of us, especially the young mother, who was “glowing” afterwards.


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2 Responses to Yoga – the 120th Day Celebration

  1. Rosie, I have never heard of this before! How wonderful to know when our souls came into us – about 4 months into the pregnancy – and that seems to be about the same time quickening is experienced as well. Fascinating!

    • dearrosie says:

      So happy that you found this post Barbara. I was so fortunate to go to that particular yoga class on that particular day when they were celebrating the 120 day festivities with this pregnant woman. I never saw her again, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

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